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26 players I’m investing in after seeing the start of the season.

1.) Jalen Green, after getting off to a kind of slow start Jalen has found his footing and is looking like end of last season Jalen Green, he is getting to his spots, driving to the basket and has improved his playmaking in the offseason, I'm excited to see where he goes from here.

The Numbers: 21.0PTS 4.4REB 3.5AST .536TS%

2.) Charles Bassey, after getting off the Sixers Roster and signing with the Spurs, Bassey had had more opportunity than ever and he has capitalized, He became the first player in NBA history to have 14 rebounds, 4 blocks and 4 assists in less than 20 off the bench, so I'm eager to see his growth continue in San Antonio.

The Numbers: 6.3PTS 7.0REB 2.0AST .659TS%

3.) Nick Richards, making his way into the Hornets rotation this year, Richards has capitalized and made the most out of every minute, I believe with Lamelo back in the lineup his production will only continue to increase.

The Numbers: 9.8PTS 6.5REB 0.7AST .662TS%

4.) Kevin Heurter, Traded from Atlanta to Sacramento, Red Velvet has been one of the leagues best shooters this season, I believe he will continue to be a great piece alongside Fox and Sabonis as the Beam Team continues to shock the NBA with their success.

The Numbers: 16.6PTS 2.9REB 3.5AST .667TS%

5.) Andre Drummond, signing with Chicago in the offseason, Drummond has quickly become one of the better backups in the league, he has dominated the glass in his limited minutes and I'm excited to see what he will continue to do to help the Bulls this season.

The Numbers: 8.1PTS 9.0REB 0.8AST

6.) Jaden Ivey, the Rookie in Detroit has been off to a great start so far, he has continually showed flashes of what is to come, as of right now he is leading the NBA Rookie of the year race, Ivey likely will not win Rookie of the year as Paolo Banchero will return soon, however i'm excited to see his in-season progression continue this year.

The Numbers: 16.8PTS 4.8REB 4.1AST .530TS%

7.) Grant Williams, after making the finals with the Celtics last year, Grant has improved his play this year, he has been hitting shots with amazing efficiency and his improvement might be what the Celtics need if they want to take home the Larry O'Bryant this year.

The Numbers: 10.3PTS 4.9REB 1.6AST .748TS%

8.) Keldon Johnson, after the departure of Dejounte Murray Keldon and the Spurs have filled the gap as a team, Keldon has improved his scoring to over 20ppg on good efficiency (especially from 3) and I believe he will continue to develop for San Antonio throughout the season so

I'm investing.

The Numbers: 21.3PTS 4.6REB 3.3AST .561TS%

9.) Keegan Murray, Selected to the Kings Keegan has already made an impact to their franchise, he is shooting the ball extremely effectively for a Rookie and I believe he will only continue to blossom in Sacramento as the franchise makes its push towards the playoffs.

The Numbers: 12.1PTS 3.5REB 1.1AST .568TS%

10.) Dorian Finney-Smith, with Luka playing at a crazy high level, defenses are more drawn in than ever, this has made DFS a deadly threat from 3 because at any moment Luka may kick it out and there is a high chance DFS makes it, I believe as long as Luka keeps this up DFS will too.

The Numbers: 8.6PTS 4.1REB 0.8AST .536TS%

11.) Cade Cunningham, Last years #1

Pick, Cade has already begun taking that next step towards stardom, while I don't believe he will be an All-Star this year, I think he will be extremely successful, I'm excited to watch his further growth and development as a player this season.

The Numbers: 19.9PTS 6.2REB 6.0AST .492TS%

12.) Bruce Brown, After a great season with the Nets last year, Bruce signed with the Nuggets, and so far he has been amazing, he has clearly been working on his 3 in the offseason and I think he is by far the most underrated free-agent signing from this past offseason.

The Numbers: 10.8PTS 4.1REB 4.5AST .550TS%

13.) Walker Kessler, Sent from Minnesota to the Jazz before the start of the season, Walker has been surprisingly one of the best rim protectors in basketball, he has been great coming off the bench and has been very impactful during Utah's

hot start.

The Numbers: 5.3PTS 5.0REB 0.8AST .669TS% 1.3BLK

14.) Nas Little, another player with pretty limited minutes Nas knows how to impact a game, he has played good defense and has hit big shots for the blazers this season, I love watching him continue to develop his game in Portland.

The Numbers: 6.2PTS 2.5REB 0.9AST .609TS%

15.) Larry Nance Jr. Arguably one of the most slept on role players, Nance brings good defense and shooting on typically good efficiency, he is athletic and can be a great pick and roll or pick and pop partner for any pelicans player and I look forward to seeing of what he can offer.

The Numbers: 9.9PTS 5.8REB 2.1AST .718TS%

16.) Bennedict Mathurin, off to an amazing start off the bench for the pacers Ben has looked like a 6 man of the year candidate already in his rookie season, he is shooting the ball on good efficiency especially for a rookie and gives the Pacers some much needed energy.

The Numbers: 19.3PTS 3.9REB 1.9AST .605TS%

17.) Malik Beasley, after being traded to the Jazz Malik has been given the keys to succeed, he has been instrumental to the Jazz's crazy start to the season and I believe he will only continue to improve as an individual player and teammate in Utah.

The Numbers: 13.6PTS 3.6REB 1.1AST .597TS%

18.) Anfernee Simons, fresh off a nice contract Ant has not disappointed, he has been a great backcourt partner for Dame and has continued to show impressive growth as a player.

The Numbers: 22.9PTS 3.3REB 4.1AST .565TS%

19.) Jalen Duren, Traded from the Knicks to the Pistons on Draft night, Duren has made that trade look great for the Pistons, he has shown so many flashes as a great pairing alongside Cade Cunningham, he's been a great offensive rebounder, and his defense shows enormous potential too, l'm predicting an All-Rookie appearance for the young center.

The Numbers: 7.1PTS 7.5REB 0.3AST .573TS% 1.1BLK

20.) OG Anunoby, already one of the best defenders in basketball, OG has taken his defense to that next level this season, he has been elite on the defensive end, leading the league in steals while also averaging a Block a game as well, OG's offense has been consistently good as well and I believe he will be a serious contender for DPOY this year if he can keep this up without any major injuries.

The Numbers: 18.8PTS 6.2REB 2.1AST .572TS% 2.5STL 0.9BLK

21.) Tari Eason, selected by the rockets in the first round, Tari has had pretty limited minutes but has shown incredible flashes in those minutes, he has potential to be a great defender and iust an overall very well rounded player down the


The Numbers: 8.7PTS 5.2REB 1.0AST .521TS% 1.5STL

22.) Andrew Wiggins, coming off an All-Star appearance and a Championship with the Warriors, Wiggins has continued to look great even after getting a lucrative new contract, I'm willing to bet Wiggins makes his 2nd All-Star appearance this year.

The Numbers: 18.4PTS 5.6REB 2.1AST .601TS% 1.3STL 0.8BLK

23.) Jermai Grant, after some stunning performances for the Blazers especially in the absence of Damian Lillard, I'm investing for the rest of the season, I got to see his game winner vs the Suns in person and I hope he can keep this up and potentially make the All-Star game.

The Numbers: 19.6PTS 4.7REB 2.4AST .607TS%

24.) Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, getting off to a crazy start, Shai has put his backpack on and carried this mediocre Thunder team to some wins, I believe he will make his first All-Star appearance this year if he can keep this up or even 90% of this up for the rest of the season.

The Numbers: 31.1PTS 4.6REB 6.0AST .622TS% 1.8STL 1.4BLK

25.) Desmond Bane, Coming off a most improved player caliber season, Bane is looking like he might take the 2nd leap and become an All-Star this season, he's hitting his 3s at an insane clip and has quickly evolved into the perfect pairing for Ja Morant.

The Numbers: 24.7PTS 4.9REB 4.8AST .622TS%

26.) Lauri Markkanen, traded to the Jazz as a part of the Donovan Mitchell deal, Markkanen has looked like a star in Utah, so far he is my top pick for the Most improved player award and currently I believe he should be considered as an MVP candidate as well given Utah's success as a team so far this season, however if he keeps up his play he will without a doubt be an All-Star and he picked the perfect year as the All-Star game will be held in Utah this year.

The Numbers: 22.4PTS 8.5REB 2.4AST .642TS%


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