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5 Most Disappointing Teams Through 3 Weeks

We love a good ol' overreaction here in the NBA.

Photo By: Rick Osentoski (Getty Images North America)

There have been plenty of surprises and disappointments so far in the NBA. Teams have gone from the potential championship contenders to the Wembanyama sweepstakes. Some tanking teams don't even have their pick! The expectations were so high for some of these teams, but they haven't lived up to the hype yet. We'll go through a list of teams that have failed to reach the heights set for them.

1. Golden State Warriors

The championship hangover has hit a little too hard for the reigning champs. Part of this has to do with the minutes (or lack thereof) for some of the younger guys in the lineup. They're young! They have energy! James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, and Moses Moody haven't gotten the minutes to be productive. Yet guys like Anthony Lamb and Ty Jerome are. While the rotations aren't the only thing that has led to a 4-7 start, it's been the main component.

Another big problem has been the lack of consistency around Stephen Curry. One night Jordan Poole shows up but nobody else does. One night Klay Thompson does, and nobody else does. Oh and if those two aren't hitting their shots, they'll still take the ridiculously contested 3s and finish the game 3/14. Draymond Green is so opposed to looking at the basket that it's not even funny. And the rebounding has been horrendous (23rd in the league in RPG). They aren't even losing to good teams. Charlotte, Detroit, and Orlando all beat Golden State.

This is not a championship formula, and something needs to change. Fast.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves

The roster construction of this team is terrible. Which is a complete turnaround from last year, where it looked like they were headed in the right direction. It's so painfully obvious that Tim Connelly and the Timberwolves' Front Office need to center the franchise around Anthony Edwards and not Karl-Anthony Towns. Edwards had a career-altering season last year with a huge rise in production across the board mostly due to the guys he had around him. Like Patrick Beverley, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Taurean Prince. Plus, he had so much space down low where he could rock the rim with his amazing athleticism. Now, it's gone.

D'Angelo Russell is possibly the most annoying player in the league to watch. Because he has all the talents and tools to be an excellent playmaker in the NBA. But his IQ is so unbelievably poor, and his defense is non-existent to where he can't be trusted. Honestly, none of this blame should go to Head Coach Chris Finch, because he has pretty much single-handedly won them two or three games with his offensive scheme. But trades need to be made at the deadline, or preferably sooner.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

Is it time to hit the panic button? Probably not. But it has been a quiet disaster so far for the Philadelphia 76ers. Their disappointments have largely flown under the radar due to the Lakers, Kyrie, and other national headlines. But I've taken notice. Yes, James Harden is out for a month and Joel Embiid has missed a few games. But even when they were healthy and together, they didn't make a good impression on me. I thought that their energy was terrible and that the defense was even worse.

Doc Rivers' coaching stint in Philadelphia has been no short of a disaster, as he's failed to play serviceable guys like Mattisse Thybulle or Paul Reed when it's clear that they are needed on the court. Tyrese Maxey has been hit or misses all season, which has kind of been the story of the 76ers season. With losses to the Spurs, Wizards, and Knicks to fall to a 5-7 record. That's good enough for 11th place in the Eastern Conference, outside of the play-in tournament.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

Can't talk about disappointments and not talk about the Lakers. LeBron is finally showing REAL signs of age. Like his defense has been dead, his shot selection has been terrible, and his motor just isn't there. Maybe it's because his roster comprises a part-time player in Anthony Davis, damaged goods in Russell Westbrook (although he's played A LOT better off the bench), and a bunch of fringe NBA players. Darvin Ham is doing everything he can. And I feel bad for the guy because he's honestly a pretty good coach. But Rob Pelinka should be sent to NBA jail for doing this to LeBron's twilight years.

Now I didn't see them as a huge threat in the West to start the season. But 2-9 is a disappointment even for me. The defense is surprisingly average. This is good considering that their defensive personnel doesn't include anyone 6'1+ outside of Anthony Davis and Damian Jones. Both of whom are incredibly inconsistent with the minutes they receive. Offensively is where they run into deep trouble. Because they have the worst statistical offense in a league that has the Houston Rockets.

5. New Orleans Pelicans

They've been ok. That's about it. I expected a big jump from the Pelicans this year with the addition of Zion Williamson and a full year of C.J. McCollum. But they just haven't made the leap into true playoff contention. They sit at 6-6 in the Western Conference, with a huge loss to the Lillard-less Trail Blazers last night. Willie Green hasn't used Zion as much as expected. And has leaned more on McCollum, who hasn't lived up to the shot-creator that he was last year.

The defense is still a major problem. Every night in crunch time, the opposing offense just attacks Zion Williamson or Jonas Valanciunas in the Pick & Roll. A deadline move is much needed to get some sort of defensive presence on the team. Because Herb Jones can't do it all.

Other Disappointments: Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets


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