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A dark horse MVP candidate and how his career has gone so far

A rising superstar

It's no doubt that Shai is going to be an all-star this year also it is starting to become a discussion on if Shai can be the MVP of the league. In his most recent game, Shai put up 42 points 6 rebounds 7 assists, and the game-winning 3 against the Wizards. Shai has been nothing but a walking bucket this season. Shai’s last 3 games.

42 PTS 7 AST 6 REB

37 PTS 8 AST 4 REB


Future with OKC

Many of Shai’s games have been 30 points and almost 10 assists. The problem seems to be that Shai and the Thunder can't win and it's not Shai’s fault even tho OKC is still rebuilding it seems that Shai’s talent might be going to waste in OKC. And recent trade buzz might damage his relationship with OKC but Shai seems fine and happy saying he's excited about the team's future.

Clippers lost the trade?

After being drafted by the Hornets he would be traded to the clippers where the young guard would spend one full season averaging 10 pts 3 assists and 2 rebounds before being sent to the Thunder where the Clippers would receive Paul George and Thunder receive SGA. Both sides now seem to be happy but as Paul George enters the final stages of his career SGA has just begun his prime.

This season

What will SGA look like this season well we can't answer that yet but we can guess right? It's almost locked in on him being an All-Star possibly even a starter for them but what about MVP? The MVP is the hardest award to win in the NBA and is only given to the best of the best. Some say Giannis will win it or Joel or maybe even Curry but why not Shai he is easily top 5 in SGs arguably the best as he averages 32 PTS and 6 AST. So is this the season he wins yes or no?


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