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Are the Knicks back?

After the acquisition of Josh Hart in a trade involving Cam Reddish and Hart the Knicks have looked the best they have since the last time they were in the playoffs. As of March 7th, they are on a 9-game winning streak and currently playing the Hornets as this article is being written. The leap the Knicks have taken to be 1 game behind a 40-win team isn't much as their only crazy move was adding Jalen Brunson yes Brunson is a great player and all but not someone you'd expect in the offseason to Eventually, Lead the Knicks back into glory again. Other than the addition of Brunson they also added players such as Isaiah Hartenstein who has been averaging 5 PTS and 6.5 REB they also added in their most recent move, Josh Hart who has been phenomenal for them Averaging 10 PTS a game and 8 REB so far this season, in fact, the Knicks have not lost yet with Hart. The Knicks are definitely not on a level with the teams such as the Bucks and Celtics and even the Cavs but they showed that they can get it done and are looking like a dark horse for this year's playoffs which they will definitely be in.


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