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Bane and Clarke Show out in Win against the Wizards.

First off to start the game the Wizards came out hot and went up 9-0 but then the Grizz fought their way back in a sloppy first quarter to end the half down 25-24. In the second quarter, we saw a lot of flashes from our bench and younger guys as LaRavia hit back-to-back triples at one point and Aldama was seen making plays.We went on a big run to end the half as we were up 57 to 43. Desmond Bane and Clarke were showing flashes of being the best player on the floor at times as Ja didn't play much in the second quarter.

(Via Grizzlies Personal Website)

In the 3rd quarter, the Wizards were seen making a huge run back as they were only down 74-81. Ja and Steve-O were seen leaving the game and both going into the locker room early in the 3rd as well and that's where we thought all hope was lost. Gotta give respect when it's due so I'll give it to Goodwin and Gafford of the Wizards bench who were spark plugs for both ends of the floor especially goodwin who played amazing defense against Ja. When the Wizards started going up on us bane gave us the lead back and Ja and Steve-O game back in and showed why they are true leaders as we went up big and never let up as we would go on to win that game 103-97.

(Via Also the Grizzlies Personal Website)

My personal thoughts on the game

The second half was not pleasant to watch but a win is always pleasant. The team without Ja looks good at times but then there were flashes of not playing basketball the right way and giving up a lot of easy buckets. Bane has proved to be that guy once again and he and Brandon Clarke will receive my Game MVPs. Also, we did what we needed to do to win that game and shot a lot from deep and caused a lot of dumb shots.


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