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Borrell to Texas, Pep Out an Assistant

Manchester City's Assistant Manager, Rodolfo Borrell, is leaving Pep Guardiola's side after nine years. Borrell has been instrumental in the clutching of (at least) three out of five Premier League trophies for Man City. Moreso, Borrell has led the club to their first-ever Champions League title, as well as the treble. The man seems to turn whatever he touches to gold.

But who is Rodolfo Borrell?

The first professional coach for superstar Lionel Messi being one of many highlights, Borrell has been hailed for his ability to teach young players. A craftsman of the sports, Borrell has also taught players, such as Vissel Kobe's Andres Iniesta and Como's Francesc Fabregas, during his time in Spain.

Borrell has had many titles in various locations: Barcelona, Iraklis, Liverpool, and his last stop before heading to the MLS being in Man City as a technical director.

Borrell has been known to heal clubs wherever he goes.

So what does this mean for the MLS?

For one, Borrell is heading to one of the youngest teams in the MLS — Austin FC — to assume the role of Sporting Director. Austin FC is a fringe playoff team this season, which leads one to believe that with such an youthful club, the only place Borrell can take them is up. Austin is already having a relatively remarkable season, sitting at 8th in the West.

The absolute mind-boggling notion is that, especially with players like Gyasi Zardes and Diego Fagúndez, Borrell will arrive to Austin already looking phenomenal. Not to take away anything from Borrell, the man is a scholar of the sport. It is a great day for Austinites (?) everywhere.

Austonians? Austronauts?

Whatever . . . keep on keepin' it weird, Austin. We're all jealous of you.


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