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Wow. Just wow. This trade deadline started off rather dead but since then has quickly become one of the best ever. I'm gonna be grading this article and of course discussing what I believe this means for the Suns and Nets, as well as how this affects the Clippers in the western conference. Lastly before we start, make sure to keep in mind that this is the Clippers part of the district. My knowledge is not focused on either of the teams we will be discussing in this article although I definitely have good knowledge of both teams and the players involved in these trades. That being said, let's get into this massive trade.


Nets Receive: Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, Jae Crowder, 4 FRPS and pick swap

Suns Receive: Kevin Durant, TJ Warren

Nets Grade: A-

The Nets got a really good haul for Kevin. Mikal Bridges is not having a good season but he still can provide some much needed defense. Cameron Johnson is young and a good player but I don't quite see him getting much better than he currently is. He does have an opportunity to ball out here in Brooklyn considering the only 2 other primary scorers will be Cam Thomas and Spencer Dinwiddie. Jae Crowder I don't think really does anything for Brooklyn here. Yes he's a veteran who has the potential to be solid. But let's be real here, Crowder isn't gonna be remembered on the Nets 1 or 2 years time. We don't know what he'll look like coming back and even with that he's an old player who has reached his ceiling. Lastly we got the draft picks. Obviously getting this many picks in return is great. But I don't think all of those picks will be very valuable. KD is 32 and we've seen first hand how KD can switch teams. But regardless it's a good pick value even if the first 2 picks are around the 20-30 range.

Suns Grade: B+

The Suns needed to go all in and they did just that. KD slides in perfectly at the 4 spot and although the Suns lost a lot of depth. The starting 5 looks pretty good and CP3 who's been pretty bad this season will have another weapon at his disposal. They don't have pretty much any bench depth outside of Warren now. But that's ok because KD should be able to make up for that. I only give Phoenix a B+ here in this trade because I don't think they will win the west with KD. It's possible and I think they have a chance for sure. I just don't think they will capitalize on this. But only time will tell.

To conclude this article I'm gonna do a small rant for how upset I am about this trade. Man the West has gotten so much better. Whether it be the Lakers trading for 3 good quality players, Kyrie to Dallas and now this? It's upsetting. I really hope the Clippers do something here tomorrow because this is the only chance the have. The west has improved tenfold and we CANNOT afford to be quiet at the deadline. The Suns and Mavericks are the 4th and 5th seed while we're just chilling waving at the 6th spot. We need to get a backup center. BADLY. We need to get a PF. BADLY. We are a top heavy team that just isn't as good as a team like Dallas or Phoenix. They are both only 1 less loss ahead of us right now so we can leapfrog them still IF we make some moves tomorrow. KD is still injured I believe, so we have to take advantage of that and do what we can now to get ahead. Go make a move Clippers. GO. Stay tuned for more articles. The next couple of days are gonna be very busy. And very fun. Let's enjoy it all and bask in it.


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