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Bulls vs Pelicans: Game Recap

The Bulls lose a close battle against New Orleans. The refs made some extremely questionable calls in favor of the Pelicans but that's not the only reason the bulls lost. The 4th Quarter was where the game truly started, Brandon Ingram scored 13 of his 22 of the night in the 4th Quarter. Zion Williamson followed suit scoring 8 of his 19 in the 4th Quarter. The Bulls ended up being outscored 36-29 in the fourth and were outrebounded 50-35 the entire game.


I truly believe if the refs made the correct calls, the bulls win this game with ease. Multiple missed calls I can get into so let's begin.

  1. Patrick Williams goes up for an open layup, but is contested but Herbert Jones and proceeds to miss. But on a closer look, Patrick Williams was slapped clearly on his arm by Jones.

  2. 4th Quarter crunch time, Brandon Ingram, guarded by Alex Caruso goes up for a mid-range shot. He makes this shot and takes the lead, but it seems like he shoves off Alex Caruso in what should be an offensive foul.

  3. DeRozan, trying to be the Bulls savior goes up for what should be a makable shot for him. Sadly, Derozan misses this shot and is taken back by the Pelicans who proceed to get fouled and sent to the line. On a closer look at the play though, Derozan is clearly fouled by Williamson and should have been sent to the line for potential game-tying free throws.

More I could get into but these seem to be the most obvious no-calls and most impactful.


Demar DeRozan:33/3/3/53.8%

Zach Lavine:23/4/4/2

Nikola Vucevic:18/7/2/66.7%

Goran Dragic:14/2/6/54.5%

Patrick WIlliams:7/4/1/1/4

Ayo Dosunmu:7/3/4

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