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Cameron Payne and his journey to the 6th man of the Phoenix Suns

Draft Night

On June 25th, 2015 The OKC Thunder would select Murray State PG Cameron Payne. Payne AVG 20 PTS 6 AST 3 REB in his sophomore year for Murray State a solid stat line for the PG who would decide to opt-in in the NBA draft His first year with OKC wasn't anything special only AVG 5 PTS 1 AST 1 REB. The Thunder that year Would finish 55 and 27 but would lose in the WCF He would Avg almost identical stats in his 2nd year before getting traded to the Chicago Bulls.

New places

In his 11 games in his 1st season with the Bulls, he would avg 5 PTS 1 AST, and 1 REB. In his 2nd season with the Bulls, he would take a colossal step Avg 8 PTS 4 AST 2 REB he would even start 14 games. Payne would find his way to Toronto where he would AVG 6 PTS 2 AST and 1 REB Payne would then again find himself on another team where he would return to the Bulls. He would AVG 5 PTS 2 AST 1 REB before finding a way to ANOTHER TEAM. This team would be the Cavs Payne got back on track with AVG 8 PTS 2 AST and, 2 REB

In China to the Suns

Payne would spend 2 games in China Avg 22 Pts 7 AST 6 REb and 4 STL! Before getting signed to the steaming hot Bubble Suns where Payne and the Suns would go 8-0 in the bubble where Payne would AVG 10 PTS 3 REB 3 AST. Payne would return to the Suns AVG 8 PTS 3 AST 2 REB Payne and the Suns would make the NBA finals in their first year back in the playoffs Payne would dominate the Clippers in the WCF where he would even drop 27 points but sadly lose to the Bucks (4-2) in the NBA finals. In the off-season, Payne and the Suns would agree to a 3-year 19 million dollar contract. In his 3rd year with the Suns, Payne would AVG 10 PTS 4 AST 3 REB where they would make the playoffs again but lose in the semis to the Luka Doncic Mavs after leading (2-0). Now we are here Payne is AVG 13 PTS 4 AST 2 REB so far this season but in the last week, he has started in an injured Chris Pauls place where he would AVG 20 PTS in this span most recently dropping 21 PTS 9 AST 7 REB in a 116-95 win over the Knicks.


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