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Ed Cooley's return to the AMP, what should we expect?

Current Georgetown head coach and former Providence head coach, Ed Cooley has the Hoyas looking to bounce back after 2 horrendous program seasons. With the challenge of this, the Hoyas will head back to Cooley's prior school, Providence College, the weekend after winter break, when students return to the campus.

Why Is This Such a Big Game?

Ed Cooley spent 12 seasons with the Friars, and led them to the NCAA Tournament 7 of those seasons, ultimately turning around and being the face of the whole Providence basketball program. With Friar fans being frustrated with their long time coach, they will be packing the AMP for Ed Cooley's return game this upcoming College Basketball season.

What should we expect?

We should expect the best, and one of the biggest College Hoops games of the season. With Georgetown, a team who will he on the rise the next few years playing good basketball midway through the season, and Providence a ridge top-25 program with much to prove with a new head coach.

I expect nothing less than such a great game with multiple emotions. I beleve that Providence will rally and be able to defeat the Hoyas in such a tight and rowdy game and atmosphere.


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