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Four general managers on the hot seat in 2024

The General Manager of a franchise is often more responsible for success or failure than any other person. They're in charge of everything from roster construction and contracts to coaching staff. The captain can guide the ship to port or sail it into the rocks. These GMs must look at the 2023-24 season as their contract season, as underperforming or failing could mean they're out of a job.

Mitch Kupchak: Charlotte Hornets

Mitch Kupchak had a promising couple of seasons to start his time in the Hornets front office. James Borrego ended up being a decent head coach who led his teams to elite offenses. However, despite the team growing and improving by ten wins every season under James Borrego, Kupchak Fired him after a second season disappointing in the play-in game. This led the Hornets down a road that led to them earning the second overall pick. Kupchak has seemed stagnant in multiple off-seasons and trade deadlines. In recent seasons, Kupchak's draft picks have seemed iffy, with both James Bouknight and Kai Jones having both on-court and off-court issues. With the Hornets having missed the postseason every year he's been at the helm, The Hornets must at least contend for a playoff berth for Kupchak to be considered safe. Not only that, but some young payers must show that they were worth the draft picks that Kupchak used on them. In short, a lot must happen for Kupchak to be considered safe moving into next season.

Elton Brand: Philadelphia 76ers

People will debate whether Elton Brand or Daryl Morey is more to blame if Philidelphia underachieves again this season. Regardless of who holds the reigns tighter, it is clear that the 76ers must make a deep playoff run in order for there to not be drastic changes. Joel Embiid has done nothing but improve over the last three to four seasons. There have been several co-stars and supporting casts surrounding Embiid and a couple of different coaches. If the 76ers fail to make a deep playoff run, serious changes could be coming to not only the roster of Philidelphia but possibly also the front office.

Marc Everlesy: Chicago Bulls

Chicago, despite their talented roster, is stuck in no man's land. Demar Derozan provided the spark for a season, but Chicago does not have the personnel to compete in an ever-improving eastern conference. For Everlesy to retain his job, he'll either have to commit to contending or rebuilding. Chicago has interesting young pieces, in Ayo Dosonmu and Patrick Williams. Those players, with picks, could potentially land the next disgruntled star or be nice pieces for a rebuild. Chicago desperately needs direction. And if they remain in no man's land for too much longer, Eversley could be the one paying.

Scott Perry: New York Knicks

New York just came off a very good season, coming fifth in the Eastern Conference standings and making the second round of the playoffs. Given their success last season, why would Scott Perry be on the hot seat? The reason is that New York may have hit their ceiling. There's reason to doubt that a core of Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, and Jalen Brunson can make a deep playoff push. The reason that Perry may be on the hot seat isn't because New York is bad, but he may be on the hot seat because New York needs to make the jump from playoff team to contender. Perry has drafted pretty well in recent years, Drafting Mitchell Robinson, Quintin Grimes, Immanuel Quickley, and RJ Barrett. He's also made savvy acquisitions, signing Jalen Brunson and trading for Josh Hart. However, if Perry can't lead New York into contention, they may be on the hunt for someone who can.


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