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Golden State Warriors – champions who forgot how to be one

The Golden State Warriors got off to a disastrous start to the season with a 7-9 record in the first 16 games. Steve Kerr's team still doesn't know how to win away from home, they have 8 losses in 8 games away from home!

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In the last decade, we are used to the fact that when at the beginning of the season the teams are ranked in the fight for the ring and the podium, we always start the list of teams with one word " Warriors !"

A perfect machine that plays open and fast basketball, known for great flow of the ball, lots of shots, long bench and great defensive play when they have to "tighten up". All of these are symbols of a dynasty that definitely knows the recipe for conquering and winning. But is that recipe lost somewhere in Steve Kerr's cookbook?

It's still a really early part of the season, many players are still not pushing too hard and increasing their games in a measured rhythm. These are the reasons why we should not rush to some extreme viewpoints about these guys. It is known that Golden State always keeps enough fuel in the tank to be at their best when they need to be - and that is the Playoffs.

The Playoffs are the period when this team always changes its face like a snake's skin and from a team that can definitely be beaten in the regular season, in the playoffs they become a machine for pressing the opponent.

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But let's deal with this season. It started with the already famous fight between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole in training.

If it can even be called a fight - more of a punch from Green in Poole's face. In the beginning, the franchise hid the rumors about this fight and pushed it under the carpet, but when the video of that fight started circulating on the Internet - the Warriors found themselves in a problem. They quickly had to iron out the situation with Green suspended and then forced to apologize publicly – while on the other hand Poole got the so-called maximum contract.

The situation is supposedly resolved and no one is going back to that moment, although the question is whether there is any "bad blood" left between them - which I believe.

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Let's stick with Draymond Green.

He is out of contract next summer, but the question is how much his new deal will cost the Warriors. Allegedly, he expressed his intention to sign only the maximum contract.

A man entering the age of 33, whose games are crucial for the Warriors without a doubt, but the question arises - Is it worth giving a maximum contract to a man whose games could be completely neutralized in a maximum of two years. Because a good part of his game relies on "doing the dirty work", and will he be able to do that work at the age of 35? Certainly not.

Next up is Klay Thompson. He's probably the man the Warriors need the most this season. It is clear that after such two injuries in the past three seasons, he will never be the same again and that is accepted. Injuries have had the biggest effect on Klay not being the same defensively, but he has actually lost his main weapon – his shooting. The percentage of three-pointers hit is 33%, and the overall field goal percentage is 35%. I believe that even Thompson is ashamed of such numbers.

Then Poole. He is a project of the Warriors and Steve Kerr, a man the franchise has trusted and built season after season. He answered them with unreal games in last year's Playoff and was the first violin from the bench. After the fight with Green, the Warriors were probably looking for the easiest and fastest way to "shut him up", and that was a maximum contract. However, since getting that contract, Jordan Poole's form has taken a serious dip, and he's even gone a couple of games without hitting a field goal.

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The only bright spot in this, as well as many seasons before, is Steph Curry.

Spending words on this man is unnecessary, but imagine what his games are like right now - when Steve Kerr says this is the best Steph ever. It is obvious that Curry is highlighting his candidacy for MVP with this alien game, but the form of the rest of the team and their team score will be his biggest opponent in that intention as things stand.

Finally, NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith gave his opinion on the whole situation:

'What I see is that this team did not enter the season with the intention of rebuilding the team. They expected Klay to play better, Wiseman to be ready as well as Moody and Kuminga. We see that there are a lot of question marks now, so it is legitimate to ask some questions. Their attitude is "We are the NBA champions, we are defending the title and we know we have a chance to do it again with this team."

But what if some older players have changed in the meantime, and you can no longer trust the younger ones? Why not trade for Kevin Durant? Bring on Kevin Durant, don't waste Steph Curry's good games!”

Will the Warriors manage to get the car back on track, is it perhaps finally time to think about the trade of Thompson and Green and can we trust this young core of the Warriors who cannot fulfill their potential...

As you can see, the millionth question is in front of coach Kerr and a franchise like the Warriors. But one thing is for sure - they always find a way to solve problems and find themselves fighting for the ring, so I have no doubts that they can do what they have been doing again for a decade behind us.


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