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Houston Rockets Biggest Win This Deadline Comes From Previous Trade

(Photo via Rockets Website)

As the trade deadline has come to a conclusion, the biggest win for the Rockets isn't a deal they made this year, it's one they made two years prior.

The Houston Rockets started their rebuild back in 2021 when they shipped superstar James Harden for multiple first round picks to the Brooklyn Nets to pair him up in a monster trio of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. They all have been traded within the past 13 months and their best player they are left with are Ben Simmons and Mikal Bridges.

While the Nets first round pick this year will be middle of the draft, the future draft picks Houston owns from Brooklyn that last into the 2027 season with an already solid young core leads the Rockets with maybe the most exciting future in the league.

Sure teams like the Jazz and the Thunder have loads of first round picks, but these picks the Rockets have could be multiple lottery selections - or even a potential trade for a superstar for themselves.

The Nets super team plan has crumbled faster than anyone could have imagined - and this will help set the Rockets future plans to get back to competing in the now stacked Western Conference

While the Trades we have just completed for Danny Green, Justin Holiday and Frank Kaminsky aren't what we hoped for, the complete collapse in Brooklyn is just what Raphael Stone was banking on from that trade just two years ago.


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