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Is Christian Koloko the next hidden gem drafted by the Raptors?

(Photo by Mark Blinch via Getty Images)

Christian Koloko from Douala, Cameroon is 22 years old and stands 7'1 feet tall. He was drafted with the 33rd overall pick by the Toronto Raptors. This pick was obtained from the Goran Dragic trade to the Spurs.

Coming into the season, it was mostly expected that Koloko would spend most of the year in the g-league. However, this would turn out to be quite the contrary. He started the year with the main roster, and would start his first game only four games into his NBA career. This was due to an injury suffered by Fred Vanvleet. he has since then started four more games. In his last start, he posted career highs in points, rebounds, and blocks with 11/7/6 respectfully.

This main roster time early into his career was unexpected, but now welcomed due to his great defensive play. Koloko's main trouble so far has been fouling which has led to him only playing seventeen minutes per game. This is an easy fix though as it simply takes more discipline.

A very promising sign is the fact Koloko has been averaging 1.5 blocks per game in this short amount of time, He's averaging 3.1 blocks per game per 36 minutes. Koloko is already well on his way to becoming an elite shot blocker and defender in the NBA due to his height and impressive 7'5 foot wingspan. His offensive game will come with time. Koloko has a great chance at an all-rookie team this year if he can continue his elite defensive play. So far, he's already proven to be another late draft-pick steal by Masai and the Raptors.

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