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Knicks have "shown a willingness" to trade Rose, Quickley

Leon Rose and the Knicks' brass have discussed possible trades involving Immanuel Quickley, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Photo By: Jesse D. Garrabrant (NBAE/ Getty Images North America)

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Knicks have been willing to include both Derrick Rose and Immanuel Quickley in trade discussions in order to clear up guard depth. Yeah, because our guard depth is so good that we can afford to trade away our 2nd best guard who's on a super duper team-friendly contract in a trade for draft compensation. I would seriously consider marching up to the Knicks headquarters in Westchester and demanding to see Scott Perry and Leon Rose to have them explain to me personally why this makes any sense.

Wanna ship off Derrick Rose? Fine by me. He's been great for New York, but is on a bigger contract than what he's worth, and isn't being utilized as much this season than past years with Tom Thibodeau. His mentorship to Jalen Brunson, Quickley, and other young guys will be missed though.

But to trade Quickley, one of the best defenders on the team, for DRAFT COMPENSATION, makes zero sense. He's just 23 years of age and in his 3rd season in the NBA. Offensively, it's been a down year for IQ. But he's not getting the touches that he got in previous seasons, and the spacing around him has been horrendous. He has no room to operate as a Point Guard.

Why sell low on a young guy with 3+ years of team control on a relatively low contract. There was an opportunity to ship him to Utah for Donovan Mitchell in the offseason. Yet we kept onto him then. But 15 games in let's trade him to somewhere like Phoenix for a late first in a top-heavy 2023 draft class.

But hey, keep onto Evan Fournier and Julius Randle for the sake of competitiveness.

Possible Trade Scenarios for Rose:

Potential Destinations: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Los Angeles (Clippers), and Los Angeles (Lakers)

Anything for Rose would likely be some combination of a former draft bust, a salary filler, and a 2nd. As a Derrick Rose fanatic, I'd love to send him to a team like Chicago or the Clippers. Where he can play as a primary playmaker off the bench. Rose is owed 14.5M this season, and 15.6M next season. However, the 2023-24 season has a team option, which will likely be declined by whichever team that picks him up.

This is statistically Rose's worst season of his career. But it's not really because of his production, but mostly the minutes he's receiving. The former MVP is getting just 13.5 MPG, averaging 6.7 PPG on 40/37/100 shooting splits. He can be productive while getting around 18-23 minutes per game. As shown in 3 seasons with New York and Detroit.

Possible Trade Scenarios for Quickley:

Possible Destinations: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Minnesota, Phoenix, Washington

*sigh* Well I guess if Quickley were to be traded, a more up-and-coming team would likely try to make a move on the 3rd year guard out of Kentucky. A team like Minnesota or Atlanta would be perfect for Quickley. Where he can come in off the bench and give 2-way play for a team in playoff contention. I'll still be a big fan of his wherever he goes.

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