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Knicks Suffer Beatdown to Nets, 85-112 - Game Recap

Kevin Durant's Triple-Double propels a beatdown of the Knicks in Brooklyn on Wednesday night.

Photo By: Al Bello (Getty Images North America)

Tonight was all Nets from the second official Sean Wright let go of the ball for tip-off. The first half for the Nets was lethal, with Durant scoring 15 Points and dishing out 8 Assists at the half. So for as hot as the Knicks started on Monday vs. the Timberwolves, is exactly how hot the Nets started tonight. With 38 first-quarter points.

But it wasn't just Durant tonight for Brooklyn. Newly confirmed Head Coach Jacque Vaughn went to Edmond Sumner early on for 18 Points on 7/10 shooting. The Knicks' defense just didn't have answers for the incredible ball movement. Then even when the Knicks would go on a run, the Nets just came back with an even bigger run.

The Positive

Julius Randle looked like he was back in his 2021 form. Now I know we say this once every two weeks, but tonight he looked locked in on both ends of the court. He finished with 24 Points and 11 Rebounds and had some answers for Durant defensively. But when he forced KD to kick it out, guys like Sumner or Seth Curry knocked down the shot.

But outside of Randle, there aren't many positives to pull out of a 27-point loss. But hey, we saw some Deuce McBride minutes tonight. So that's always fun. Then Ryan Arcidiacono came into the game to let you know Tom Thibodeau was waving the white flag.

Stat of the Night - 3PT%

I don't want to sound like an oldhead here. But nowadays, whoever makes more 3s wins the game. Then when you take the better-quality 3-point shots, it's going to be a blowout. New York just forced up unnecessary 3s all night long. Reddish, Brunson, and Fournier all shot the possessions dead with some of their 3s. But on the other side, the Nets took quality Catch & Shoot jumpers from a distance. But kept the Knicks' defense on their toes with their ball movement.

Notable Knicks Statlines

Randle: 24pts/11reb/3ast

Barrett: 16pts/3reb/3ast

Brunson: 14pts

Sims: 7pts/6reb/100%fg

Mykhailiuk: 6pts/3mins

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