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LAFC v. LA Galaxy: Duel of El Tráfico

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Today is a very special game: the reigning champs play at home, against the Falcons, in a fight for the City of Angels — a game dubbed by its denizens as ‘El Tráfico’.

LA Galaxy

One of the original 10 charter teams, the Los Angeles Galaxy have earned a reputation as one of the most successful teams in Major League Soccer history. Founded in 1996, the Galaxy have established roots in the town of Pasadena, California. If one drives through Pasadena, one is reminded of a shoegazer’s paradise – a seemingly sleepy suburb, this California town is known for its unique coffeehouse blend of architecture, golf courses, and antique streetlamps. After Pasadena, the Galaxy was awarded the Dignity Health Sports Park, the second-largest soccer stadium in the United States.

If you don’t know about the LA Galaxy, you may have been living under a proverbial rock. Harbingers of international players the likes of David Beckham and Zlatan, the OG’s have four Supporter’s Shields, two U.S. Open Cups, and a handful of MLS Cups to hold their city down.

LA Football Club

Nestled near sun-stained University of Southern California sits BMO Stadium, the home of the Los Angeles Football Club. LAFC was created in 2014, the result of the Chiva's dissolution – the little sibling to C.D. Guadalajara, the highly successful Mexican football club. The team was meant as an expansion, being awarded to Los Angeles after a few Californian and Texan bids.

Owned by big names (Will Ferrell, Magic Johnson, the Shapiro brothers, etc.), the Falcons have always had something to prove. Luckily enough, during their inaugural season, Bob Bradley coached the team straight out of the wrapper – clutching two Supporters’ Shields and an MLS cup by 2022.

We’re looking at a game of (possibly) 85,000 this 4th of July holiday. The game is going to live up to its name, with seemingly everyone in Los Angeles County attending this game. Because of domestic ties, The Black and Gold will be on this writer’s side come tonight.


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