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My standing predictions (East)

15. Pistons

the Pistons are trying to tank for the #1 pick. The Pistons have one of the best young squads in the league starring Cade Cunningham this team has just started.

14. Hornets

The Hornets are a complete mess with a hundred problems they need to enter a complete rebuild and keep Lamelo and that's it.

13. Magic

Nothing bad to say at all about this team they are still young with loads of talent and are 1 more step from the playoffs.

12. Wizards

The Wizards have to let Beal go and start a little rebuild this team is not a playoff even play-in-caliber team and needs to start making moves for a top pick in the draft.

11. Knicks

The Knicks aren't a bad team at all but are still not good enough for the playoffs they are one star away.

10. Bulls

With Demar and Lavine you'd think the bulls would be a top seed in the east but that's not the case this team lacks scoring asides from Demar and need an actual PF and scorer.

9. Pacers

The Pacers have the best young squad in the lead in my opinion with Haliburton and the rest of the squad there is no doubt in my mind that in 3 years this team will be on top of the east.

8. Hawks

The Hawks are overrated in my opinion especially

Trae Young his only pro is scoring and in some games, he can't even do that he lacks defense big time and size.

7. Raptors

Pascal Siakam is one of the most underrated players in the league the whole team is underrated I personally think they need a better bench though to compete for the title once again,

6. Nets

KD proved that he's the best scorer of all time with how his season has been going but the Nets have no one else than him and Kai and need to change that via trade or FA.

5. 76ers

When the big is all healthy this team is dangerous the reason I have them ranked so low is because of injuries though.

4. Cavaliers

Great scoring backcourt great frontcourt and a great bench that's it.

3. Heat

Hot take alert this Heat team is gonna turn it around they have great scoring and great defense and sometimes good teams have bad starts this team will succeed.

2. Bucks

Perfect team with no flaws at all and with Middleton coming back a healthy 60+ win team.

1. Celtics

More than perfect this team can't lose and keep in a short and simple 65+ win team.


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