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My standing predictions (West)

15. Spurs

After trading away Dejounte Murray it was clear that the Spurs were entering a rebuilding stage and were tanking for Victor Wemabanyama and plan to pair him up with their young SF/PF rising star Keldon Johnson.

14. Rockets

The Rockets have had two great draft picks in the last 2 years in Jalen Green and Jabari Smith Jr. The Rockets also seem to be in the race for Victor and if they do get him it would be pretty scary to see the Rockets in the next 5 years.

13. Thunder

With Chet going out before the season even started this season isn't looking promising for the Thunder. But with all the draft picks and players like SGA and Josh Giddey, the future does look promising.

12. Lakers

From being NBA champions to missing the playoffs all in 2 year plans the Lakers are in deep trouble. With this year's draft pick going to the Pelicans and an Aging LeBron and Westbrook who looks like he can't play anymore the Lakers are in trouble.

11. Jazz

Despite a Surprising start, the Jazz has fallen in the standings the past week and look to be aiming for a top 3 draft pick.

10. Timberwolves

With the recent news of KAT being out for 4-6 weeks due to a calf strain the Timberwolves have been insanely disappointing this season and don't look good at all.

9. Clippers

With Kawhi's repeating knee injury that keeps him out and PG's injury the clippers seem to be on the downside this year and will be fighting for a playoff spot this year.

8. Mavericks

The west is packed this year and the Mavs will be a team on the low-win side despite having a good record.

7. Kings

The beam team has made many NBA fans happy for them as it seems that this will be the year the Kings end their playoff drought.

6. Nuggets

Not much to say about Jokic and the Nuggets but they are looking good and will make the playoffs.

5. Pelicans

The Pelicans are finally healthy and ready to compete for a chip.

4. Trailblazers

Yes a very very hot take but the Blazers have talent in every position with the clutch man himself Dame alongside Grant and underrated SF Josh Hart

3. Warriors

No doubt the reigning champs will be a top 3 seed in this season

2. Grizzlies

The Grizz and Ja are on fire the last 2 seasons and are looking like serious contenders not only Ja but JJJ and Bane are all looking amazing this season and are not a team that should be taken likely.

1. Suns

The best in the west is back and steaming even without CP3, Jae, and Cam J they currently hold the best record in the west and in my opinion are gonna be the NBA champs.


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