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Pistons vs Cavs A Tough Battle of two young teams

Despite the Cavs and Pistons having a bunch of injured players and key starters to both teams, this was a good tough game till the very end. The Cavs started out bad in the game at one point in the first quarter they were 1/10 from the field. At the end of the half it seemed to even out with the cavs going on a run to get closer. Detroit led 56-51 because of the 15 points from Bagley; he finished with 19 points at the end of the game. Every time the Cavs scored, the Pistons went back and scored. The key players of the game were Evan mobley

With 13 rebounds and 20 points 6 of those were from 3 as he scored a clutch 3 in the fourth quarter. Donovan Mitchell also came up clutch in the fourth, hitting 3s to take the lead and win as he was the leading scorer in the game and scored 11 points out of the 32 in the fourth. What really hurt the Cavs in the game was the wide open misses from 3 making 3 out of 14 attempts and 0 for 7 in third. Something they can't do when they face the raptors on Monday. Especially with the injuries they are dealing with. The score at the end of the game was a 102-94 Cavs win.


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