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Reddish, Rose kicked out of rotation, McBride in

Tom Thibodeau to make rotational moves permanent ahead of Wednesday's matchup with Hawks

Photo By: Stephen Maturen (Getty Images North America)

Fans are outraged with the news that Tom Thibodeau has removed Cam Reddish from the rotation for good. Along with the move, Derrick Rose is now relegated to the bench and Miles McBride takes his spot in the 2nd unit. These moves were put in place during Sunday's 11 point win over the Cavaliers in which Reddish and Rose both got DNPs via Coach's Decision.

First with Cameron Reddish, he played just 9 minutes in the loss vs. the Mavericks on Sunday. He shot 0/4 from the field and did have a bad game. But that doesn't really explain the demotion. Reddish has propelled the Knicks to multiple wins this season, including saving Thibodeau's job in a few different occasions. Reddish has averaged 8.4 PPG on limited touches this season, starting 8 games for the squad at different points. He suffered a groin injury and had a 3 game absence from availability.

During his time in the rotation, Reddish has played well. He has been inconsistent, but so has his role. As a starter, Killer Cam has averaged 10.3 PPG. Then when he gets 30+ minutes in a game, Cam has averaged 14.8 PPG on 51% FG and 38% 3PT. He provides good defense at the 2 guard position. As well as a much needed factor to the Knicks rotation; length. At 6'8 with a 7'1 wingspan, Reddish is the only guard with that type of length. Brunson, Quickley, McBride, Rose, Fournier all do not have that defensive versatility.

Then with Rose, it is obvious that his time in New York is coming to a close. He is in the midst of one of his worst seasons in his lengthy career, and his age doesn't help. He does provide a nice spark at times in the 2nd unit. But the production just isn't there, and there a better/younger options to lean on. Rose should be shipped out soon. With the Mavericks, Bulls, and other teams as likely suitors. But according to Andy Katz of The Athletic, teams are weary of giving up too much for Rose. The injury history and age will certainly be a factor in a deal for the former MVP, who has fallen out of Thibodeau's rotation.

However, I'm very excited for Duece McBride to enter the rotation. He's been a big part of the Knicks G-League affiliate in Westchester, as he's had a big year down there. And in limited minutes this year, McBride has succeeded. He has shown a willingness to guard anyone on the defensive end, and has shut down his opponents. Should be interesting to see how many minutes he gets tonight.

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