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Suns vs Spurs recap


Starting in the 1st it wouldn't be a battle the Suns would put up a season-high 42 points.

Booker would put up 14 1st quarter points as he continues his flamethrower streak while KD would put up 8 1st quarter points. Also, an impressive start for Paul having 3 3 point shots. The Suns would be up 42-25 an 18-point lead going into the 2nd.


The Suns would start off how they played the 1st scoring bucket after bucket and at one point taking a 59-30 lead. That lead would wear off after the Suns cooled down and let the Spurs cut it down to only 18 points Booker would finish the 1st half with 16 points. Durant would have 10 and our scoring leader CP3 with 18 1st half points on 7/8 FGs!


KD would open the 3rd with a 3 very fitting as the Spurs wouldn't miss from 3 it seemed to bring down the lead to 9 the Suns would come right back pushing the lead back up to 17. The Suns would finish the 3rd leading by 21. Book with 27 would go into the 4th to close this.


The Suns would keep it kinda close to start but after A block party started and Torrey Craig went off the Suns would find themselves up by 20 again. The Suns would end up winning 115-94 officially making the Playoffs.

Notable stat lines

Devin Booker 27 PTS 7 REN

Torrey Craig 15 PTS 10 REB

Chris Paul 22 PTS 9-14


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