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Survivor Picks Week 1 Recap (2023)

Well Week 1 in the NFL is almost done. Yes, I know I am releasing this a day early, but a low % of people are picking the New York Jets or Buffalo Bills in survivor. This was a crazy week where many survivors were panicking with the choices that they made in Survivor. So every week I am going to be recapping the Survivor Options that I gave last week along with the trap. So let's get into the recap for Week 1 Survivor picks.

1. Baltimore Ravens vs Houston Texans

There is no surprise with the Ravens winning, but boy was it a bit cringe with how sloppy they were at times. In fact, they led this game 7-6 before the half. Lamar Jackson was mediocre in this game and got pressured a lot. His throws were not great either, but they really have something in Zay Flowers who played very well for Baltimore. The Ravens' defense did their job and held the Texans to 6 points, though.

I do worry about the insane number of injuries that the Ravens have suffered. JK Dobbins can't catch a break as he is done for the year with his injury. Ronnie Stanley and Tyler Linderbaum on the offensive line are hurt, and Marcus Williams is also injured.

As for the Texans, they were pretty mediocre. C.J. Stroud was not awful, but he was not great at the same time. At least he did not commit a turnover; that is a plus. I don't understand why Nathaniel "Tank" Dell was not on the field as much as he was. When he was, he did solid work, making 3 receptions for 34 yards. Nico Collins did a nice job leading the team with 6 receptions for 80 receiving yards. Pierce did not do much, rushing for 38 yards on 11 carries.

If you went the safe route by taking the Ravens in Survivor, well, congratulations! You survived and advanced to the next week.

2. Washington Commanders vs Arizona Cardinals

Now that was a close one. I was sweating so much because I went with Washington in Survivor, and I thought I was toast with how the Commanders played. While Washington came away with the win, this game really showed that they are still a team with a ton of problems. They made Arizona's defense look competent. Sam Howell was awful in this game, and that fumble really was not great for him. With how badly Howell played, the Commanders utilized the running game, and it's clear that this team prefers Brian Robinson over Antonio Gibson. Robinson really saved them in this game with how badly Howell played. The defense disappointed me as James Conner ran all over them. They're lucky that Josh Dobbs is the Cardinals' QB because he is absolutely terrible. I am not wasting my time on Arizona, but at least this defense showed up for them.

While it was stressful with the Commanders as our Survivor picks, if you took them, we survived and advanced. Plus, we never have to worry about making Washington our Survivor pick ever again.

3. Minnesota Vikings vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Vikings, what the heck was that? I mean, what were they doing on defense? Their secondary was horrible and allowed Baker Mayfield to throw for 17 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. Mayfield would have had 4 if Mike Evans did not have butter fingers. It looked like their defense was not ready to play. While the defense was the most to blame, Cousins also made some bad errors too. That overthrow to Mattison in the end zone, who was wide open, was just brutal. The interception in the red zone was also bad. The Vikings made so many mistakes, it ended up costing them in the end. The worst part is that the Buccaneers were trying to give the Vikings this win. The Bucs' play-calling was terrible, and it's clear that they are poorly coached with Bowles as their head coach. What a disastrous week for the Vikings.

If you chose the Vikings this week, I am sorry. You have been eliminated from the survivor pool for this season.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts

Well, this was actually a more competitive game than I thought it was. I want to start with the Colts. First off, I've got to say Anthony Richardson was actually solid in this game. I thought he was going to be super raw in his debut, but he did a good job, completing 24/37 throws for 223 passing yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. He also had 40 rushing yards as well. Richardson did well, but that interception was a really bad read. Besides that, he did well. Richardson got hit many times in this game and had no help from his offensive line. In the end of the game, Richardson got hurt, which just sucked. I think he should be fine, but there is still a chance he could miss next week. The Colts better get him some protection. Michael Pittman was their best receiver, but this Kylen Granson, who plays tight end, showed some flashes in this game. He is someone to keep an eye on if you are in a deep fantasy league. The Colts got little from the defense and especially the running game. Deon Jackson was terrible as the starting running back in this game, and they better hope Zack Moss can heal quicker.

The Jaguars did their job in providing a ton of pressure to Anthony Richardson. Christian Kirk did nothing in this game, but who did was Calvin Ridley. Ridley had 11 receptions for 101 yards and even caught a touchdown. He played very well and was a much-needed addition to this team. Zay Jones and Evan Engram were also solid. Who wasn't was Tank Bigsby, as while he did score a touchdown, he had more bad moments than good. Now, he is a rookie and should learn from it, but yeah, it was not a good look for him. Etienne still had a strong game and should remain the focal point of the offense.

Anyways, if you picked Jacksonville, congratulations, you have survived this week.

5. Denver Broncos vs Las Vegas Raiders

So, in Denver, was Nathaniel Hackett really the main problem with this offense? I mean, he was a problem as he was a horrendous head coach, but yeah, this offense still has issues. Mike McGlinchey, whom the Broncos spent a ton of money on, did not have a great game, and Wilson looked terrified. Wilson did throw two touchdowns for 177 yards, but he was constantly pressured, and it seemed like he did not trust this offensive line. Time is ticking for Wilson, and he may be past his prime with this team, as his arm strength was not great. The one bright spot was both Javonte Williams and Samaje Perine, as both did well. The Broncos' defense did their job, but the Raiders really showed up today. Jimmy G did a great job managing this game, and Jakobi Meyers did pretty well as well. The Raiders were trying to give this game away, which is the worst part, and their head coach is abysmal. If Wil Lutz did not miss a field goal or extra point, then the Broncos would have won.

If you chose the Broncos this week, I am sorry. You have been eliminated from the survivor pool for this season.

Trap Survivor Picks - Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams

I still don't understand why a chunk of people chose the Seahawks in Survivor. I mean, the Rams were healthy, excluding Cooper Kupp, who is now on IR. Sean McVay is still their head coach, and in a league where coaching matters, the Rams were still going to be a problem. They showed up and played very well against Seattle.

What did you think was going to happen? Of course, the Rams were going to perform like they did two years ago. By the way, this Puka Nacua, whom the Rams drafted in the 5th round, they may really have something in this kid, as he had 10 receptions for 119 yards, and it was impressive. Let's see if he can keep playing this well. This game had a trap written all over it, and hopefully, you took my advice and stayed away from this game.

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