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Survivor Picks Week 3 Recap

Week 3 of the 2023 NFL Season has concluded. This was a crazy week where many survivors were panicking with the choices that they made in Survivor and a lot of upset occurred. So, every week I am going to be recapping the Survivor Options that I gave last week along with the trap. So let's get into the recap for Week 3 Survivor picks.

1. Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bears

I mean, is anyone shocked that the Chiefs destroyed the Bears in this game. I mean the Bears are absolutely abysmal and had no chance in this game. I mean I am not going to go long here as the game was a mismatch. Also, I got to say this, can the NFL and every broadcast please stop talking about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. I mean my gosh I contemplated muting the TV due to the insane amount of talk just on that was ridiculous. I mean who cares about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dating. I just came to watch football and I just felt annoyed watching that game. The Chiefs are facing the Jets next week and I swear If i hear this being talked about multiple times, I will mute the TV, no exceptions.

If you picked the Chiefs Congrats, you advanced in survivor.

2. San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants

Well at least it was kind of competitive, in the first half. The 49ers were just too talented for the Giants to overcome. Especially with Andrew Thomas and Saquon Barkley being out of this game due to injury. I will say the 49ers were sloppy and this was not the greatest performance by 49ers QB Brock Purdy. However, the 49ers got the job done. If you picked the 49ers Congrats, you advanced in survivor.

3. Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals

Now there’s the Dallas Cowboys we know and love. What the hell was that Dallas? I mean this is against the freaking Cardinals, who are the most untalented teams in the league. I came in to the season thinking Arizona was trying to lose, with the past few games, I don’t think that is the case anymore.

The Cowboys defense just did not play well. The secondary was missing Trevon Diggs who is now done for the season due to a brutal Torn ACL injury. The Defense did not show up in the first half and that killed this team. Also I don’t understand why the Cowboys decided to move the ball methodically and settled for that field goal to make it 21-16 in the 4th quarter. Also in the final drive, I can’t excuse that brutal interception that Dak threw to Kizer White. It just sucks that Dallas lost.

If you chose the Cowboys, then you have been eliminated in survivor.

4. Baltimore Ravens vs Indianapolis Colts

I did not see this game going the way it did. Until the final injury report came out and the list of notable names on Baltimore’s injury list kept growing. That injury report made me want to stay away from this game and I knew that the injuries were going to be too much.

The Colts won the game but there are three people that the Colts should be thanking. First is Gardner Minshew who was phenomenal in this game replacing an injured Richardson. I have said it for a long time that Minshew should have been the starter Week 1. Even when Richardson is healthy the Colts should keep Minshew as the starter because with how he played against Baltimore really impressed me.

The second person to think was kicker Matt Gay as he was automatic in this game. He made consecutive 50-yard field goals and nailed it every single time. The dude is automatic and was well worth the overpayment the Colts gave him in free agency.

The third person is Zack Moss who legit played his best game in his career. He exposed the Ravens run defense with his 30 carries for 122 yards. Moss even had a receiving touchdown in this game. He should be thanked heavily as without him the running game would be a mess. Especially as I doubt Jonathan Taylor wants to play for this organization ever again.

I will say though, the refs really screwed the Ravens as well in this game. They missed so many calls in overtime and the 4th quarter that even my brother was frustrated watching the game.

If you chose the Ravens, I am sorry you have been eliminated.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans

Leave it to the Jaguars to never show up prepared to play when facing off against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The one thing that I always forget is that every year when they are good or bad, the Jaguars pull a Mike Tomlin against the Texans by playing down to inferior competition. I mean its almost every year that they just look unprepared and not show up when facing Houston.

Look I like the addition of Calvin Ridley on this offense, but man he was awful in this game. He may have had 3 catches for 40 yards, but the drops he committed were so brutal. He should have had 2 touchdowns in this game, but he could not hold onto the ball. He also committed some bad penalties in the worst times as well. The whole offense fell flat, but Ridley was the biggest con on this offense in the game.

The defense did not perform to par against the Texans who has real potential in the future. The Texans really have something in C.J. Stroud as he has performed really well the first 3 weeks of the season without his starting o-line. I know it's only 3 weeks of the first season, but man the Panthers are regretting taking Young over Stroud, because as of now Stroud is better hands down. Plus, this Nathaniel “Tank” Dell has really impressed the past 3 weeks. I was a guy who like Dell in the draft, but I didn't think he would be this ready immediately. If he is not picked up on your team now, then you are making a mistake.

Great Job Jacksonville, because of you not showing up I have been eliminated in survivor. BTW I am not going to stop writing these type of articles as I love giving advice in survivor pools.

Trap Game - Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns

I remember writing that article and seeing like 3% of pools decide to take the Titans in survivor. Not a few days passed, and I notice that the number of people choosing the Titans in Survivor went from 3% to 0.9%. Which honestly made me smile, because I had no idea why a chunk of people were taking Tennessee in Survivor. So many people realized that the Titans are terrible and that the game was trappy with the Browns injuries.

I got to say it, Ryan Tannehill’s done. His arm strength is cooked as he made some really brutal throws in this game. His o–line did not help him, but man at this point its no longer an if, but when Tannehill gets benched for Willis or Levis. Also, the Titans secondary is abysmal and made Deshaun Watson look like his 2020 form. Watson still made some bad throws, but this is the best he has looked as a Cleveland Brown. I hope you took my advice and avoided the Titans in Survivor.

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