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Survivor Picks Week 7 (2023 NFL Season)

Week 7 of the NFL season is here, and hopefully, you made the right choice last week in survivor pools. As for my record regarding the Top 5 Survivor picks in the 2023 NFL Season, I went 4-1 in Week 1, 3-2 in Week 2, Week 3 I went 2-3, in Week 4 went 5-0, Week 5 I went 4-1, in Week 6 I went 3-2. For the entire 2023 season my record in Top 5 Survivor options is 21-9. Now that Week 6 is behind us, I'm back to give you my Top 5 Suggestions for survivor pools, identify a trap survivor game, and give an option I would have gone with.

1. Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

I mean, do I have to explain this one? Buffalo is a thousand times better than the New England Patriots. The Patriots are just a lost franchise with how beaten up their defense is and how bad their offense is. It's crazy to say, but there is a real chance the Patriots will part ways with Bill Belichick. If you have the Bills this week and don’t want to stress, take them.

2. San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings

What a disastrous season this has been for the Minnesota Vikings. Not only have they lost Justin Jefferson for a while, but the defense has got progressively worse. The 49ers are easily the better team and should take care of business after a disappointing performance last week against the Vikings. The only reason why the 49ers are the number 1 option is due to the number of injuries the team has right now.

3. Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals

I don’t like division games in survivor, but picking the Seahawks makes sense. The Cardinals defense is below average and Arizona’s offense is going to have to rely on there passing game as the Seahawks are one of the best run defenses in the league, along with James Conner being hurt. If Seattle

4. Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers

The Chiefs are clearly going to win the AFC West. The Broncos are a trainwreck, the Raiders are terrible, and the Chargers are inconsistent. It doesn't help that the Chargers have a horrendous head coach. Remind me why Brandon Staley was not fired in January again? Anyways, Although I think the game is going to be close as the Chargers always play close against the chiefs, Kansas City should take care of business against the Chargers.

5. Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos

This is a risky pick to make, because Green Bay is not home but this might be the only chance to take the Packers. This is a play against the Broncos, because they are absolutely terrible. While Russell Wilson is far from the main problem in Denver, it is clear that Sean Payton and Russell Wilson’s relationship is not as strong as thought. What also is not strong is the offensive line as Wilson is not getting a lot of time. I am a big Mike McGlinchey fan, especially during his time in Notre Dame, but he has not worked out as a big free agent signing.

Green Bay is getting healthier and needed that bye week after the way the team performed against the crummy Las Vegas Raiders. It is risky to go Green Bay, but the risk could be worth the reward here.

Trap Game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Atlanta Falcons

I have to ask, are the Buccaneers really a good team? The teams that they have beaten this season are the Bears, Vikings, and Saints who are all terrible teams. Yes the Saints are a terrible team and its mainly due to coaching with Dennis Allen as the head coach and Peter Carmichael who is really getting on my nerves with some of the play calling on offense.

Baker Mayfield is dealing with a hand injury, so if he can’t go Kyle Trask will start at QB and he is terrible. I never understood why many were high on him during the 2021 NFL Draft. Either or I am not so sure either would perform well and I got to say, Rachaad White needs to switch to the wide receiver position, because he’s terrible rushing with the football. Now the Bucs offense has to face a Falcons defensive who are a super underrated core team.

While I am perplexed at what the heck Arthur Smith is doing coaching this team on offense, the Buccaneers defense is pretty mediocre. The Falcons should sneak out of this one with a win, just stay away from taking the Buccaneers in survivor.

Record (5-1) - Week 1: Seattle Seahawks, Week 2: Denver Broncos, Week 3: Tennessee Titans, Week 4: Chicago Bears, Week 5: Baltimore Ravens, Week 6: Las Vegas Raiders

Who I Would Have went with in survivor: Green Bay Packers

Well I can’t use the Buffalo Bills as I used them in Week 2. I don’t want to take a divisional matchup so I will not be taking the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks. This week’s pick is between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers. Even though the 49ers are the better team, I think Green Bay takes care of business against a bad Denver Broncos team, so I would have taken the Packers this week in survivor.

Record (5-1) - Week 1: Washington Commanders, Week 2: Buffalo Bills, Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars, Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles, Week 5 New York Jets, Week 6: Miami Dolphins

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