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The 12 Greatest NBA Jerseys of All-Time

This is all my opinion of course...

Honorable Mention.) St. Louis Spirits Orange:

Although the Spirits never made the cut for the NBA During the ABA merger, they gave the basketball world some of the greatest jerseys of all time, the Orange Spirit's jerseys remain classic and timeless even though the franchise has faded away into basketball history.

12.) Chicago Bulls Cursive:

My personal favorite from the rich history of the Chicago Bulls, simple yet timeless design with the classic Red, White, and Black color scheme. The Bulls have brought these back throughout every era and the Design remains amazing, with every edition comes a new touch or minor change to the design but the concept remains the same, because If it ain't broke don't fix it.

11.) Rainbow Nuggets:

Easily the most memorable jerseys in Nuggets history, these Rainbow threads include the Denver Skyline and colorful theme, they sit relatively low on my list because I do not like tha placement of the Number amd the Logo on the front, but I believe these are amazing nonetheless.

10.) Classic Houston Jersey:

Talk about a rich history, these Bold Red Jerseys carry some weight, these are the very jerseys the Great Hakeem Olajuwon wore on his 2 championship runs, they are simple but tasteful, with a white Houston in a nice font, and a subtle yellow outline to accent it.

9.) Timberwolves Purple on White:

Some of the most slept on jerseys of all time, these white and purple threads are perfect down to the sponsorship, a simple white accented by a Vibrant Purple with allusion to the Classic Timberwolves font. The detail on the lettering obviously referencing the Wolves Mascot is a nice touch as well and thats why I have them just inside my top 10.

8.) Vancouver Grizzlies:

Introduced with the Vancouver expansion team, these jerseys were amazing unlike the team at the time, they fizzled out when the franchise was relocated to memphis but they were so good that the Memphis Grizzlies brought them back to pay homage to the franchise's past.

7.) Atlanta Hawks 2021 Throwbacks:

Combining some of the best aspects of every Atlanta Hawks historic jerseys, these jerseys are the perfect combination of classic, timeless, and modern, finally adding some color to the bland minimalist era in NBA jersey design.

6.) Miami Cotton Candy Blue Vice Jersey:

The Best Jerseys on the floor during the Bubble in Orlando, the Miami Heat rolled out these color ways of their famous Vice jerseys, these cotton candy Blue threads cam with accented Pink outlines and Numbers, as well as the vice blue Heat Logo on the shorts. They sit just out my top 5 because they are surprisingly not as bold as my top 5.

5.) Classic Purple Suns:

Brought back this year by Phoenix, these classic Purple Jerseys are probably the most iconic jerseys for the Suns franchise, it was the most memorable uniform from the franchise's first finals run in 83 where they faced Jordan and the Chicago Bulls... although the Suns didn't they put these amazing jerseys on the world stage.

4.) Classic Blue Orlando Pinstripes:

These classic blue threads are some of Orlando's best work in a history of great jerseys, it takes the vibrant blue and the simple yet amazing pinstripe style while coupling it with a clea interpretation of the Magic logo and cool number font.

3.) Pistons Teal Horse:

Recently brought back back by Detroit, the Teal Horse Jerseys are some of the most Iconic threads to ever grace the hardwood, it encapsulates the blossoming (at the time) auto industry in Detroit while giving it a flash of Color and creativity.

2.) Raptors Purple Dinosaur:

Debated putting this at my #1, easily one of the most creative and stylish jerseys the NBA has ever seen, there is nothing bland about this jersey down the the pinstripes.

1.) Jazz Purple Mountain:

Maybe not the consensus #1 but there's a reason the Jazz keep bringing them back, There's some rich history behind them, many All-Time Greats have worn these purple threads, it encapsulates Utah's famous mountain environment while giving it some amazing color all wrapped up in a classic style so they sit at my #1 for the

greatest Jerseys of All-Time.

Again this is just my opinion, and there is probably some jerseys that I simply did not think of when curating my list, but wanted to shed light and talk about the amazing jerseys the league has seen given the recent minimalist movement in Sports.


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