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The Rise of MLS Interest from Power Players, Messi to Neymar

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

It's no secret that Lionel Messi is being transferred to Inter Miami FC; every news outlet on Planet Earth has taken interest in the Argentinian powerhouse's curious move to the States. For a rumored €35M, Messi is definitely a golden ticket for any team that would pick him up. Messi also has deals scored with Apple TV, both within a docu-series and with Apple TV becoming the major source for North American soccer.

But what does this mean for the MLS? Popularity, of course.

But Messi isn't the only one to help aid this:

Neymar Júnior, one of the greatest Brazilian footballers to ever grace the pitch, has had rumors circulating about his possible arrival to the MLS after the news of Messi.

The Secret Scout, a U.K. based scouting source, has illuminated a possible interest from NYCFC for Neymar.

The Galaxy, and Vancouver, could definitely make enticing offers for Neymar, both hovering just uncomfortably enough outside the playoff pool.

Why are international players, arguably the best soccer players, circulating in Major League Soccer?

Although many people may conclude that salaries for designated/international players, impressive as they are, would be the reason. Xherdan Shaqiri, the Chicago Fire midfielder, earns a base salary of a little over $8 million. Neymar, not too long ago, was rumored to have made €3 million a month while playing for Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Forbes had also named Neymar (as well as Lionel Messi) one of the highest players in their respective leagues with $85 million.

There is also an argument of international players coming to the MLS to retire — this could be reflected in David Beckham's move to the MLS, although he didn't retire in the MLS. The MLS has also seen an increase in international players since 2007, especially within Canada and Mexico.

Maybe we truly are in the middle of a sports revolution, witnessed within our history. A competitive sport, one that transcends the low drag that the sport had come to be known for. These players, although we may not be truly clear on intention, will evolve Major League Soccer forever.

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