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The Suns lose to Hawks by a lot

Game details

February 1st, 2023 the Suns would host the Hawks the Suns a few days earlier beat the Raptors by 6 points and started the Hawks game off a little shaky letting the Hawks get an 11-4 lead. The Suns would make a run ending the 1st quarter only down by 3 23-26. Starting up the 2nd Hawks Jalen Johnson would make 3 putting the Suns down by 6 then after failing to score again Bogdan Bogdanovic would make a pull-up 2 putting the suns down 8 now the scoring for the Hawks wouldn't stop there halfway through the 2nd quarter the Hawks would lead 50-28 there was no hope or run from the suns at all ending the 2nd Hawks up 66-47. nothing to say for the 3rd or 4th other than the hawks didn't cool down and were on fire the whole ending the game 132-100.

Notable performances

Deandre Ayton 20 points and 9 rebounds

Mikal Bridges 23 points 7 assist 5 rebounds

What will the Suns do with the trade deadline one week away?

One more topic I would like to touch base on real quick is my idea for what the Suns will do this trade season. just recently we learned that the Suns are interested in Raptors' forward Og Anunoby along with other teams like the Knicks, Pelicans, and Grizzlies the Suns are Interested in Og it was rumored that the Raptors asking price was Cameron Johnson other than that we currently know nothing else the Suns also are interested in Fred Vanvleet and Gary Trent Jr both also from the raptors Maybe we will see some huge trade between the two teams as we are nearing the deadline.


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