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The Suns take down Mavs 130-126 as the rivalry heats up

The Suns and Mavs would meet each other once again as the season series was 2-1 in the Mavs' favor. Both teams would trade buckets back and forth Luka would do what he does best which is getting to the FT line and Durant would not miss the suns and would take the 1st 31-25 Durant would finish with 9 1st quarter points. The Suns continued making shots, and the Mavs, especially Tim Hardaway Jr, would torch the Suns but not enough, giving them a 62-59 lead at halftime. Starting the 4th thanks to Luka actively getting calls the Mavs would keep a decent distance and have a 7-point lead at one point at the end of the 3rd it seemed it would be pretty hard for the suns to win this game due to kyrie now heating up and the foul calling. But when Ish Wainwright came in he would hit 2 crucial 3-pointers that would lead the Suns to a 96-95 lead. At the beginning of the 4th, the Mavs would take a quick lead then the Suns would take it right back with 47 seconds left Ayton would give the Suns a 2-point lead then the Mavs would answer with a Powell alley-oop Durant Would then respond with a pull-up shot the Mavs would take a timeout coming out of the timeout Luka would miss an easy lay after fouling Booker would talk to the ref and a frustrated Luka would get in Bookers face the two would be separated Durant would make his FT and the game would end in a 130-126 Suns victory.

Notable stat lines

Kevin Durant 37 PTS 7 REB 12-17 shooting

Devin Booker 36 PTS 10 AST

Tim Hardaway Jr 21 PTS 6-8 3PT


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