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Top 10 underrated NBA players. Number 1 will shock you.

10. Tyrese Haliburton

22-23 Season Stats: 21.7 PPG 5.0 RPG 9.7 APG

Coming 30th in the NBA for points per game and 2nd in assists in his 4th NBA season. This a player people should watch and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in an all star jersey very soon, maybe even this season?

9. Mikal Bridges

22-23 Season Stats: 14,9 PPG 4,9 RPG 2,7 APG

While his stats may not show it Mikal is a force to be reconned with. Last season he earned himself a spot in the all defensive first team, and defense isn't all he has, this season he has shot 58,9% for the field and 50% from 3.

8. Trey Murphy III

22-23 Season Stats: 12,5 PPG 5,1 RPG 1,6 APG

Drafted 17 in 2021, not much was expected from this player, but he has proved that he should have been a higher pick. Averaging the 8th most points of his class. Averaging the 2nd most steals in his class and joining the 40,50,90 club as a PF, this man is great player.

7. Isaiah Hartenstein

22-23 Season Stats: 8,0 PPG 8,4 RPG 1,1 APG

while his stats are quite underwhelming, he has great contribution to the Knicks this season. He has added size to the team and in my mind is a steal from the off season. He also ranks 14th in blocks per game this season.

6. Pascal Siakam

22-23 Season Stats: 24,8 PPG 9.3 RPG 7,7 APG

After winning MIP, making all NBA 2nd and 3rd team and winning a championship. Id expect him to be a well known player but I don't think he gets the recognition he deserves. He is a top 5PF in the league and is the best player on his team.

5. Desmond Bane

22-23 Season Stats: 24,0 PPG 5.0 RPG 4,6 APG

With the 4th most 3 pointers made this season and a better 3pt % than any player above him, Bane is averaging the 2nd most points in his draft class. He is an elite level scorer that isn't talked about enough

4. Tyrese Maxey

22-23 Season Stats: 23,6 PPG 3,5 RPG 4,0 APG

As the 21st pick in 2020, Maxey is averaging the most points of his class . He is a perfect fit for the 76ers and is putting up this numbers with 2 all stars on his team.

3. Devin Vassell

22-23 Season Stats: 20,7 PPG 4,1 RPG 4,0 APG

Averaging 8 extra points than last season, Devin Vassell is a key player to the Spurs roster. He has shown what he can do as a player and i look forward to seeing how he continues to grow throughout his career.

2. Lauri Markkanen

22-23 Season Stats: 21,9 PPG 8,8 RPG 2,7 APG

Averaging the most points and rebounds on the team that is first in the west, Markkanen has truly proved that he can lead the Jazz to the playoffs. No one would have predicted that the Jazz would be first in the west right now and he is the key part of their success.

1. Alperen Şengün

22-23 Season Stats: 17,1 PPG 9,9 RPG 2,2 APG

Drafted last season, Şengün is averaging more points and rebounds then both Scottie Barnes and Evan Mobley, and he is doing it in less minutes on a better FG%. He is averaging the most points per game by a player averaging less than 27 minutes per game and in my opinion has some of the best post moves and is one of the best passing centers. i really look forward to watching him improve throughout his career.

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