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Top 5 Power Forwards currently in the NBA

Number 5 Zion Williamson:

(Photo Credits Dylan Buell Getty Images)

Zion still has amazing potential and could easily jump up to the top 3 on this but for right now he isn't the dominant player he once was in his sophomore year. Availability has been a problem for Zion he missed the full season last year and is still recovering from that injury. I expect Zion to pick it up this year but he currently wasn't the player he once was.

2022-23 stats: 22.7pts/6.7reb/3.8ast/1.1stl/0.3blk/58%TS%

Number 4 Anthony Davis:

(Photo credits Luis Sinco Getty Images)

Davis was once a top 3 pf in the league but that is no longer the case due to over the last couple his offensive game has fallen off and he hasn't played over 40 games since 2020. Davis is still a great defender but not what he once was and his once floor spacing abilities have fallen into becoming an inefficient shooter. The Laker's record of being 2-9 14th in the west does not help his case as a top pf either.

2022-23 stats: 23.0pts/10.2reb/2.5ast/1.4stl/1.9blk/59%TS%

Number 3 Pascal Siakam:

(Photo Credits Vaughn Ridley Getty Images)

Siakam has been incredible this year ranking top 5 on the MVP ladder before his injury and was carrying the Raptors as well. Siakam has solidified himself as a top scorer and the best playmaking pf in the league. Siakam is getting doubled nightly but has consistently made the right reads and passes to get out of these doubles even with the doubles he has still managed to improve his scoring. Siakam's defense has also been great which has shown with the Raptor's defensive struggles without their star.

2022-23 stats: 24.8pts/9.3reb/7.7ast/0.9stl/0.6blk/57%TS%

Number 2 Kevin Durant:

(Photo credits Al Bello Getty Images)

Durant is proving once again that he is one of the top scorers in the league currently averaging over 30 again. Even with all the controversy with the nets this year his co-star missing games, his coach being fired, and Simmons continuing to play badly he has remained calm and is playing his game which is being an excellent scorer. Durant's incredible efficiency is very impressive considering the number of difficult shots he takes nightly.

2022-23 stats: 30.8pts/6.5reb/5.3ast/0.9stl/1.9blk/64%TS%

Number 1 Giannis Antetokounmpo:

(Photo credits Kevin Cox Getty Images)

Giannis is once again proving he is the most dominant player in the league and is almost the perfect player. There's really no stopping Giannis when he gets the ball running in transition if there was a brick wall in his way he'd just run right through it and still slam it down. Giannis almost averages more points than minutes which is insanely impressive. The bucks have also gone 10-1 so far without Middleton showing truly how dominant Giannis is.

2022-23 stats: 31.8pts/12.2reb/5.3ast/1.1stl/1.4blk/60%TS%


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