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Trade Grade: Boston Bruins trade Taylor Hall to the Chicago Blackhawks

By: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

If there is one player that has been traded multiple times, I would easily name Taylor Hall. He has been traded from Edmonton to New Jersey (2016), New Jersey to Arizona (2019), Buffalo to Boston (2021) and now this trade that recently happened. Taylor Hall will now be traded to the Chicago Blackhawks and the details of the trade are listed below.

Trade Details Boston Bruins Acquire: D Ian Micthell and D Alec Regula

Chicago Blackhawks Acquire: LW Taylor Hall and RW Nick Foligno

Boston Bruins Side

After how the Bruins Playoffs happened, I knew changes had to be made. It does not matter how many games won and points they got, all that matters is winning the Stanley Cup. This move getting rid of Hall to me screams two words “Salary Dump”. The Bruins wants to get money and resign players including Tyler Bertuzzi, which is a must for them. Getting rid of Hall clears 6 million dollars in cap space which helps accomplish their goals.

Getting two defensive prospects in Mitchell and Regula are nice additions. While both are RFA’s I expect them to be back as they still have potential. To be honest, I think Mitchell is the better addition as he is well known to Jim Montgomery. Mitchell played for him when both were at the University of Denver.

Chicago Blackhawks Side

I am kind of stunned it took Chicago this long to get Taylor Hall. I remembered years ago when Hall got traded to Arizona, I legit was shocked that the Blackhawks did not acquire him at that time. Better late, then never, but Hall has durability concerns including that lower body injury he had in February. He did look alright in the playoffs as he produced well, but it was clear that he was playing hurt. Hopefully he can heal up as when healthy he is a nice contributor for the team.

When I originally saw this idea and saw Foligno name, I was not shocked at all. He was often linked as a potential signing to the team and I guess the Blackhawks wanted to make sure they got him. Not only did they acquire him via trade, but he just recently signed a 1 year deal with the team.

Even though the Blackhawks are likely going to be one of the worst teams in the league, the addition of Foligno and Hall is absolutely going to help not only the team in general, but Connor Bedard in general. However, I don’t think it is a good idea to trade two defensive prospects in Regula and Mitchell. Especially for aging veteran players without a draft pick, especially when the focus should be on the future.

Grades for Taylor Hall Trade Boston Bruins: B+ Chicago Blackhawks: B-

I like this trade for both squads, but I am leaning towards the higher grade going to the Boston Bruins. Especially as they clear cap space that will help re-sign key players, and even got two solid defensive prospects. As for the Blackhawks getting Taylor Hall definitely improves the team talent wise (when healthy) and the team wanted Nick Foligno for some time now. I just don’t know why they traded two solid defensive prospects for them.

Overall great move made by both Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson and Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney. Hopefully this trade works for both organizations, and every player succeeds.


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