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Warriors will play in the first round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs against Sacramento Kings

Author: Lachlan Cunningham | Getty Images

The Warriors went 44-38 during the 2022-23 regular season, good enough for sixth place in the Western Conference. The Dubs were given the No.6 seed in the 2023 Playoffs, where they would meet the third-ranked Sacramento Kings in the opening round of the tournament.

It's also the first time the two Northern California teams have met in the playoffs since the Kings moved west from Kansas City in 1985, and it's the first time the two local teams have been in the playoffs in the same season.

The odds of winning the series are as follows: Kings +225, Warriors -290.

The No. 6 seed is the lowest playoff seed the Warriors have had since the 2013-14 season when they lost to the Los Angeles Clippers in a seven-game first-round showdown.


Author: Bart Young | NBAE via Getty Images

After a sixteen-year absence, the Kings are back in the playoffs. The star trio of DeAaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, a veteran coach in Mike Brown, as well as an array of talented players, are leading this team. At this point, this team is an offensive juggernaut, and they're playing with house money. Let's not ignore the fact that the Kings managed to win a division that might be the hardest in the league.

Given that Mike Brown is one key figure in the Kings, they could benefit from this match. The man who was Warriors assistant coach for 6 years knows all the ins and outs of this Golden State team. But at the same time, Warriors also know how he functions, but it's not the same as he knows the Warriors.

Kings have great offense and coaching and will be looking to make that into a great chess match.

Their weak defensive play and lack of playoff experience are the only weaknesses I see in Sacramento. Kevin Huerter and Harrison Barnes are the only real threats(besides Matthew Dellavedova, of course) that have some playoff experience, but Huerter didn't prove himself at all last year in the Hawks playoff series against Heat, losing 4-1 and averaging 9.2 points with 36% from the field and 29% from three-point range. And as for Barnes, the last time he played in playoffs was in 2015/16, when he was playing for GSW. Domantas Sabonis also participated in playoffs, but that was 4 seasons ago and he wasn't a real Pacers option back then.

One thing is for sure. Warriors must stay humble because Kings can beat them.


Author: Steph Chambers | Getty Images

Warriors like to play at home, but this year they're having a hard time on the road. The Golden State is 11-30 on the road, but they're 33-8 at home. The Warriors’ best chance of advancing will be to take a game in Sacramento, which they did in one of the two divisional matchups there this season. The Splash Brothers have been at full capacity this season, as Thompson and Stephen Curry combine for 51.4 points a game.

Warriors are looking forward to Wiggins, as he is back for this playoff series. But, they have to hope he will be up to speed, given his 2-month absence.

Splash Bros should always get decent looks with the motion offense. And given how adept they are at hitting them, even the best defense would struggle, never mind the 24th defensive team.

The Dubs have to watch out, as they've shown in the course of a regular season that their sloppy play, turnovers, and defensive errors cost them dearly. If they will be sloppy, this series might slip from them.

Key matchup

Gary Payton II & DeAaron Fox

GPII probably won't be a starter, but he'll play an important part in Fox's protection. DeAaron was often appearing to be unstoppable at this point, and Payton might have been the only man in GSW who could stop him.

Overperforming/underperforming players prediction

Note: This is based on heavy scientific research(vibes).

Overperforming player: Stephen Curry

Underperforming players: Davion Mitchell & Draymond Green

Series prediction

GS in 5.

Sacramento's going to be a tough fight, of course, and we can even assume they're going to get past this round but the Warriors need just a little luck. Which they might get. My concern about them is that I think some players will get sloppy again. But I think Warriors experience, Poole finding his form and of course, Curry's carry job will prevail for Golden State.


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