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Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Since the Native American Guardians Association's letter to The Washington Commanders owner, and and leadership, demanding the team name be restored to The Washington Redskins, team owner Daniel Snyder and top brass throughout the organization has sent an 18 -page letter, stating the following, as reported by the Washington Post and the AP:

The Washington Commanders sent an 18-page letter to the chair of the Federal Trade Commission on Monday that described the allegations of financial improprieties made by a former team employee and detailed by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform as “baseless” and asserted that “no investigation is warranted.”

Snyder, unsurprisingly, is under a microscope regarding significant financial improprieties.

The allegations are that Washington engaged in an extended practice of holding back deposits made by season ticket holders and hiding money that was to be shared among other NFL owners.

Details are somewhat scattered, yet the problems are not:

There's a long term issue with Snyder's ownership and oversight, and it's rare to see such high-level intervention.

Keep an eye on this one.


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