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Who is to blame for the Nets huge loss to the Kings

Coming into yesterday's game, everyone

would've thought the Nets would beat the Kings, but it would be the opposite. Halfway through the 1st, the kings would be winning 21 to 9 but Durant and the Nets would get back to work capping off the 1st with a 6-point deficit 30 to 36.

Start of the 2nd Patty Mills would make a 26-foot jumper making the deficit 3 and at 9:11 in the game, Seth Curry would tie the game at 40-40 soon to be answered by Terence Davis 3 a Davion Mitchell pullup middy and another Davis 3. Davis would catch fire while the Nets couldn't make anything and halfway through the 2nd the Kings would have a 52-40 lead. The Nets would only score 14 points for the rest of the quarter while the Kings scored 21 at halftime it would be a King's domination leading by 19 to the struggling Nets.

Coming out of halftime The kings would not Cool down After a Harris FT and a KD middy would come a 3 by Barnes right before KDs 5 foot Davis had a 3 Davis coming off the bench would not become cold making shots after shot halfway through the 2nd Davis and the Kings would have a surprising 100-68 lead! And the Kings were not stopping yet after a Trey Lyles 3 and a Kevin Huerter 3 the Kings would have a 29 lead 109-70 with no hope from the Nets it seemed the 3rd quarter would end with a Kings 115-82 lead.

Start of the 4th no surprise that Terence Davis would make the first points with a driving layup

With 7:00 left in the game, it was pretty much over the Kings had a 133-96 lead over the Nets. coming at a close the Kings would have a 153-121 lead surprising Durant and the Nets and the NBA world as Sacramento moves to a 4-game winning streak.

Notable stat lines for both teams

Terence Davis 31 points 9 rebounds (7-10) from 3

Kevin Durant 27 Points 6 assists

Edmond Sumner 18 points


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