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Bucks Make a comeback against Cavs

The Cavs started the game strong in the first quater and 2nd quater, slowing down the bucks despite Lamar Stevens being injured . With the only problem was when Jarrett Allen had a scary fall when guarding Giannis. Giannis seemed frustrated as he had to carry most of the first quarter. In the second half the bucks started making more 3s Giannis kept scoring at the basket and in the third quarter they had a 20-2 scoring at one point. Ending the quarter with a 25 point diffrence making it too difficult for the cavs to win. Giannis finished the game with an impressive 38/9/6 with 65% FG percentage The cavs stars garland and mitchell finished with 49 points but it was wade,mobley and allen that lacked scoring. Overall the cavs started strong but it always felt like they struggle to slow

down giannis due to his size and strenght. It did not matter who it was wade,mobley or allen. The Cavs and Bucks will face again in december 21st which means they will probably face an even better team with middleton back in the Bucks lineup. hopefully with a diffrent result. Even though they lost hopefully they gained experience and learnead how to guard the bucks better by the december 21st. Especially the two time MVP Giannis Antetokoumpo


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