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The story of Wrexham FC is like a thrilling roller-coaster ride. It's the perfect Hollywood tale, with the club achieving back-to-back promotions and now playing in League One. They finished the season on a high note, defeating Stockport County, who topped the league, with a 2-1 victory. While smart investments have played a role, it's clear they've kept their core values in the team recruitment process just like last season.

Currently, the club has said bye to some of its players, Ben Tozer, who is undeniably the fans favorite, Luke Young, Jordan Tunnicliffe, and Aaron Heyden. Finding the right replacement for these boys will be important. On the transfer news rumor is the Center Defender, Marvin Ekpitela, whose contract ended with Blackpool on the Wrexham radar.

Another huge key will be if the management can pull the strings to keep Arthur Okwonko with the club next season. He sure is a proper goalkeeper, and there are concerns regarding interest from major championship teams currently. His save number is huge and was a real difference-maker in comparison with Premier League goalkeepers. Wrexham goals conceded went really down since his inclusion into the team as an Arsenal loanee. He has covered so well for the weak defense. Okwonko had a save percentage of 79.1% against 134 shots on target. David Raya, Arsenal's current number one, had a save percentage of 69.7% against 67 shots on target. If he didn't sign at all, they could sign Gaga Slonina, a young American with similar specs but greater reflexes and leaping abilities. 


How will they fair in League One? Is there a possibility to make another back-to-back promotion? All these questions sincerely do have answers. As much as it is still early before next season kicks off, it is safe to say that the odds of the Red Dragons doing well in League One aren't bad at all. 

The club will keep growing, especially because of its popular documentary "Welcome to Wrexham" and other new ways to earn money and gain publicity. Wrexham is no longer a small team after all it's been through in the last 3–4 years. Many lower-level clubs haven't had such experiences. So, aiming higher isn't just a bonus; it's something they should seriously consider.


Making it into the Premier League is more like a far-fetched dream, although Pompey had a similar ride. The song still rings a bell: “Play up, Pompey, play up." Another example of what achievement is possible for Wrexham, especially with its visionary and investment leaders, Ryan Reynolds and Bob McElhenney, is when Class of 92 and Peter Lim bought Salford. AFC Wimbledon had five promotions in eight years, but most were two in a row. Similarly for Salford, 4 promotions in 5 years with 2 back-to-back and a year gap in the middle. 

Luton were promoted from League Two and League One in successive sessions in 2017–2018 and 2018–2019 before being promoted to the Premier League at the conclusion of the 2022–2023 EFL Championship playoffs. Northampton FC went from the fourth division in 1960/61 to the first division in 65/66, which is likely the quickest. Fulham did a similar feat from 95/96 to 2000/2001.


Twenty years ago, this club was in League One before things went downhill. Now, they are good enough to aim for becoming a championship club. They have the right resources and elements to make this happen. The club owners, coaching staff, player scouting, and the club's PR efforts to generate income will all contribute to this goal.

Wrexham might experience the same situation they had in the National League, where they missed promotion in the first year but got it the next. They will need to rethink and create a good, practical plan. League One can be very tough, especially for newly promoted teams. As seen with teams like Blackpool and Carlisle, it's a different challenge. The management will need to be patient. Ideally, they aim for a Top 10 finish this season, a Top 5 finish the next season, and promotion the year after.

The revenue increase mentioned earlier is crucial now and can be used to improve infrastructure. The stadium needs upgrades, not just more seats, but also better sewage and transportation systems. The back office operations need enhancement, and the team roster must be regularly updated.

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