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Philadelphia Union Host Messi's Miami in Leagues Semifinal

I remember when the Eagles won. It was the year that AP Most Valuable Player Tom Brady lost in Minneapolis to backup quarterback Nick Foles. Ten years before that, newspapers all over the East were talking about Cole Hamels' Phillies finally taking home a World Series after almost thirty years. I grew up watching Allen Iverson and Dikembe Mutombo play for the Sixers, and I still watch Embiid and Harden play (when I get the chance). All in all, all I want to say is . . . Philly games are just fun to watch and you leave feeling like you had a good time.

The Philadelphia Union was established in 2010 as an expansion team. Kevin Durant's pet project sat 2nd at the end of last season, with a good shot at breaking a lot more records in the future. Their future in the Leagues Cup, however, seems dim.

Midfielder Dániel Gazdag and captain Alejandro Bedoya are out on injury, with leading scorer Julián Carranza following suit after last night's game. It came down to forward Chris Donovan, 2022 SuperDraft pick, who delivered the 2-1 win against Querétaro FC to advance to the Semifinals. It's unclear whether Carranza will be benched in their game against Miami, but Philly will host Miami at Subaru Park in Chester.

Philadelphia Union's Head Coach: Jim Curtin
Philadelphia Union's Head Coach Jim Curtin

There's also the evident question of possession: Miami will have more control of the ball, it's apparent. Once again, we see a severely limited Philadelphia team heading off against an articulate threat on the horizon. Head Coach Jim Curtin, however, has led this team to a real threat since taking over in 2014. The counterattack is what worries most coaches, and Curtin is no different. But the Union has chemistry, and a promise to deliver on it. This is a class Philly underdog tale, and hopefully, Curtin will capitalize on it.


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