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St. Louis City: The Most Successful Expansion MLS Team

From 1995 to 2015, the St. Louis Rams called St. Louis home. In 1967 was when the St. Louis Blues were announced as one of six expansion teams for the National Hockey League. 1882 was the year that the St. Louis Browns, now the Cardinals, were founded as a charter team for the American Association baseball league.

Photo Credit: Rick Ulreich

In 2023, we were able to watch St. Louis City SC play, and they won with Austin FC at Q2 Stadium. Since then, St. Louis has gone to win twelve games by tonight's end against Toronto. Tómas Romero, Toronto's goalkeeper and fresh from the Gold Cup, had a saves percentage of 83.3% — an all-time best for him while in the MLS. Aziel Jackson, a supplemental midfielder, went to score a goal tonight after two seasons with nothing at Minnesota. A truly remarkable young man. A detailed report can be found by St Louis City SC's communications section on tonight's win.

Jared Stroud, another supplemental midfielder, has more goals this year than three years combined with Austin and RBNY. Stroud's name always appears on recap when watching, and you can hear the echo from the commentator's box after the game. Roman Bürki and Tim Parker (also one goal ahead in this season for his scoring record, as well as 30 interceptions) have been selected for the All-Star game. Klauss and Löwen are having a great first senior year with five goals apiece. And there is Adeniran, who is becoming one of my personal favorite players to watch.

Finally, you have Nicholas Gioacchini. Gioacchini has come out of the gate this year a prophet of the sport; since Austin, he has been instrumental to this team's success. Obvious props to Bürki, he is an animal in the box. A true visionary, really. But, Gioacchini has an integral part to play in the future of this club.

St. Louis, you have something to be proud of. Native St. Louisans have been working on it for years. The sporting director has more than forty years of being a footballer. Now, you have one of the best teams in the West — if not the entire league.


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