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Survivor Picks Week 2 Recap

Week 2 in the NFL is almost done. Yes, I know I am releasing this a day early, but a not a lot of people used a survivor choice in the Browns/Steelers game or the Saints/Panthers game. This was a crazy week where many survivors were panicking with the choices that they made in Survivor. So, every week I am going to be recapping the Survivor Options that I gave last week along with the trap. So let's get into the recap for Week 2 Survivor picks.

1. Buffalo Bills vs Las Vegas Raiders

Well, if you went with Buffalo this week in survivor, you had a stress-free Week 2 in survivor pools. Excluding the first drive, this game was all Buffalo. Josh Allen had a much cleaner game, and the Bills even utilized RB James Cook well.

As for the Raiders, I mean, what is there really to say? Is anyone shocked at how terrible this defense has been, especially the secondary? They allowed so many deep receptions in this game, making Dawson Knox look like a Top 5 tight end. Maxx Crosby, one of the rare, good players on this defense, did nothing, and their defensive line has been awful. This defense is absolutely horrible, and they also quit in this game as well. Where is the improvement to this defense, as it has not gotten better over the past few years; in fact, it has gotten worse. I feel for Raiders fans as they have stressed this fact for years, and the Raiders just refuse to address it.

On offense, I hate how the Raiders utilized Josh Jacobs. With the Bills' run defense being exposed last week, why are you only giving Jacobs the ball eight times in this game? Luckily, he did solid as a wide receiver, but the run game did a whole lot of nothing. Also, where the hell was Hunter Renfrow in this game? He was barely on the field, and when he was, he contributed so much in the blocking game and had a nice reception. It's insane how poorly utilized he has become on this team, and if they're not going to use him, then trade him. If it weren't for Davante Adams being on this offense, the Raiders' offense would be much worse. I do wonder how badly injured Adams is, as he left the game with an injury. There were no adjustments whatsoever, and it's clear Josh McDaniels has learned nothing, as he did the same thing when he was the head coach in Denver.

Buffalo did their job, bounced back, and won the game. If you picked Buffalo this week, congratulations, you have survived.

2. Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings

No surprises here, except for how close the game was. But keep in mind that the Vikings mainly scored in garbage time. Cousins statistically ended the game completing 31-of-44 for 364 yards and four touchdowns, which seems like a solid stat line. However, he did not play well in the 1st half. Cousins had just 140 passing yards and one touchdown by halftime. It did not help that the Vikings' offensive line was awful and clearly missed Christian Darrisaw, along with Garrett Bradberry, who did not play due to injury.

The Vikings also got nothing from the running game as Alexander Mattison was awful in this game. Mattison only ran for 28 yards and had a key fumble. Not only that, but he even dropped a crucial pass that he could have taken for a touchdown.

You know another issue with the Vikings that really hurt them this week was their defense. Their run defense was horrible against D'Andre Swift, who performed like his rookie self, and Devonta Smith dominated in the receiving game. Such a disappointing day for the Vikings.

If you picked Philadelphia this week, you had a quick victory and have survived to play another week.

3. Dallas Cowboys vs New York Jets

Well, the Cowboys won in dominating fashion. We didn't see that coming as their defense might be the best in the league, and they shut down the Jets for most of this game.

Wilson, overall, was not horrible until the 4th quarter when he threw three interceptions. At that point, I thought, 'Yep, there's the Wilson we all know and don't like.' Again, I have to ask, why have the Jets not signed a veteran backup QB to play behind Wilson? The Jets' offensive line did not do him any favors, and Duane Brown is clearly not 100% healthy; he still seems to have problems with his shoulder.

What really annoyed me in this game is how the Jets only gave the ball to Breece Hall four times. He is their best weapon, and I don't understand why they didn't give him more opportunities in this game. I get that he's coming back from his ACL injury, but he looked perfectly fine last week. Dalvin Cook struggled, and he had a big fumble that pretty much ended the game.

The Jets' defense was alright, but their secondary could have played better. I was upset when Ahmad 'Sauce' Gardner dropped that pick; it would have been a Pick 6. By the way, stop saying that Sauce has regressed; he played fine, and that was his only lowlight of the game, excluding some missed tackles. Dallas did their job, committed minimal mistakes on offense, and got the win in this game.

If you went with the Cowboys this week, congratulations! You have survived and advanced to the next week of survivor pools.

4. Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks

Wow, this result really shocked me. With all the time the Lions had to prepare for this game and both of the Seahawks' starting tackles not playing in the game, I thought the Lions had this one in the bag. Well, it's simple: the Lions' defense did not show up, especially their run defense, as Kenneth Walker ran all over them in the red zone. The defense also struggled on 3rd downs, which was a big reason why they lost this game. I do wonder how the Lions will utilize the running game, as it looks like David Montgomery is going to be out for multiple games after being carted off this game. Maybe they will use Jahmyr Gibbs properly, which, for some reason, they have not been doing this season. The Seahawks made the fewest mistakes and won the game.

If you picked the Lions in Survivor this week, I'm sorry, but you have been eliminated from Survivor Pools this season.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears

Remember all the hype that the Bears had coming into the season? Well, after the first two games the Bears have played, that hype is long gone after losing to the Buccaneers.

First off, let's start with this defense; it is absolutely horrible. There's nothing good about this defense, excluding maybe Tremaine Edmunds as he was a tackling machine. Besides that, this Bears defense was horrendous. They have no pass rush whatsoever, and their secondary has been a complete mess. Baker Mayfield should have had two interceptions in the game, but they were dropped. Overall, Baker did pretty well throwing the ball, and Mike Evans was dominant in this game. Even Rachaad White played well with 73 rushing yards and scored a touchdown.

I have no idea what the Bears are doing on offense anymore. What happened to Khalil Herbert, as he did a whole lot of nothing in this game? The Bears also gave him a total of seven carries, which is ridiculous considering he's their best back. At least Chase Claypool wasn't a liability and actually scored a touchdown in this game, and D.J. Moore did well with six receptions for 104 receiving yards.

I've got to be honest; I really don't know about Justin Fields. He shows flashes that he could be something because he's athletic, but he has made some awful throws. His pocket awareness and passing skills have clearly regressed. I have to ask, is it me, or is Fields more reluctant to run the ball? That was one of his strengths last seasons, and it just feels like he is second-guessing himself. Now his offensive line did not do him any favors, but it might be time to panic if things don't get better with him for the rest of the season.

Well, if you went risky and took the Buccaneers, congratulations, you have survived Week 2 of the 2023 NFL Survivor Pools."

Trap Game - Denver Broncos vs Washington Commanders

Yep, I had a feeling something unusual was going to happen in this game. Did you know that the Broncos were up 21-3 at one point in this game? I mean, I know what a lot of people are going to say, 'Oh, it's Russell Wilson's fault; the dude is cooked and was terrible last season.' Here's the thing: that would be the wrong argument, as I thought Wilson did pretty well in this game. Statistically, he had 308 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, an interception, and 56 rushing yards. This game was lost because of the defense, as they straight up collapsed in the second half of the game. To me, this defense wouldn't have done that last season, and I really think the Broncos are missing Ejio Evero as their defensive coordinator.

Overall, this was just a messy game, as both the Commanders and Broncos have their own issues. It's unfortunate that Denver couldn't convert that 2-point conversion, as it would have been interesting to see this game go to overtime. On a side note, the Broncos got a tough break from the refs; how the heck was that not pass interference?

Hopefully you took my advice and stayed away from picking the Broncos in this game. If you did not follow my advice and took the Broncos, well you then have been eliminated from survivor pools this season.

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