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Survivor Picks Week 3 (2023 NFL Season)

Week 3 of the NFL season is here, and hopefully, you made the right choice last week in survivor pools. As for my record regarding the Top 5 Survivor picks in the 2023 NFL Season, I went 4-1 in Week 1 and for the entire 2023 season my record in Top 5 Survivor options is 7-3. Now that Week 2 is behind us, I'm back to give you my Top 5 Suggestions for survivor pools, identify a trap survivor game, and even share my own survivor picks for this week.

1. Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bears

Yeah, this is the easiest selection to make this week as this game is a clear mismatch. The Chicago Bears are absolutely horrendous. Their defense might be the worst in the league and their defensive coordinator just resigned from the team. Also facing the Chiefs offense with Patrick Mahomes at QB in Kansas City is terrifying on its own. Also, Justin Fields has clearly regressed this season and the Chiefs defense is definitely a lot better then last season.

2. Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals

I will summarize this game in the next 4 sentences. The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFC and the Cardinals are the worst team in the NFC. The Cardinals may legit not even score a point in this game due to the dominance of Dallas’s defense. The Cardinals stadium is going to be filled with Dallas Cowboys fans. Total Mismatch game and take Dallas if you want less stress in Week 3.

3. San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants

Another easy choice to make is picking the 49ers, as the Giants are a complete mess right now. They almost lost to the Arizona Cardinals who are one of the most untalented teams on paper in the NFL. The Giants also are going to be without their two best players in offense with both Andrew Thomas and Saquon Barkley being injured. Along with an East Coast team going to travel to the Westcoast to play a primetime game, yeah that is a tremendous problem, along with how talented & healthy San Francisco is right now.

The two reasons why this game is not number higher on my list. The first is because the Bears are an absolute Dumpster Fire right now and are legit facing a Super Bowl contender. Second is that this game is on Primetime on Thursday night and those games scare me in Survivor. Besides that, I wouldn’t worry about the 49ers losing in survivor.

4. Baltimore Ravens vs Indianapolis Colts

I have had Baltimore on my radar as a Top 5 Survivor Pick option in Week 3 for a while now. I even had this as a game to watch for the future when looking at the Ravens. Well, we are in Week 3 and the Ravens are still a solid choice to make in survivor.

While many are pointing at the Ravens injuries when not taking him, just look at the Colts. Quinton Nelson and Ryan Kelly are both injured and there is a real chance both don’t play. Someone who I doubt plays is QB Anthony Richardson as he suffered a concussion last week against the Jaguars, so Gardner Minshew will get the start. I mean Gardner Minshew maybe one of the better backup QB’s in the NFL, but he's going to have a tough challenge with not having great weapons surrounding him. It also doesn’t help that the Ravens defense is very good at stopping the run and is actually one of the Top 5 best teams in coverage. Along with the Ravens being the home team in this game that makes them a super attractive selection to make in survivor.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans

I like to keep the 5th option as a risky selection, but I chose not to do that as there are so many options for Survivor Picks this week. For this one I am going to put a divisional matchup as you never know with those games. Normally I would stay away from it, but this game makes sense in survivor. The Texans are an absolute mess and while C.J. Stroud has looked okay, his entire starting o-line didn’t play due to injury and that might be the case again this week. Plus, Dameon Pierce has struggled as well, and he is going to have a rough time with the Jaguars defense. Also, the Texans Defense has really been disappointing this season and the Jaguars offense did pretty well against the Chiefs. Being the home team as well, the Jaguars should take care of business against the Texans.

Trap Survivor Pick - Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns

I notice that there is a chunk of people in survivor that are starting to take the Titans in survivor this week. I understand why as the Browns have a ton of injuries and Deshaun Watson has not looked good. However, the Titans as well have not looked great either. Yes, I know they won last week, but they only won because Brandon Staley is the Chargers head coach. Remind me why he was not fired in January again?

Tennessee is also a very fraudulent team and people forget that there secondary is beaten up right now. The Browns run defense is also pretty good and did a solid job against the Bengals and Steelers. Losing Nick Chubb is a big loss, but Jerome Ford showed a ton of potential against the Steelers, plus Kareem Hunt is back with the team. I would not take the bait with all the injuries the Browns have, stay away from taking the Titans in survivor. There are a ton of options already this week in Survivor, it's not hard to pick another team.

Record (2-0) - Week 1: Seattle Seahawks, Week 2: Denver Broncos

My Survivor Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Again, there are so many options to use this week in survivor and I debated this pick for a few days now. With how many options there are in Survivor this week, I am going to save the top teams for later. Those teams are the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers. They have a ton of future value in survivor. So, this pick came down to the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars.

I am more focused on who is healthier and who does not have great future value in survival. The Ravens have a ton of injuries, that is for a fact. The Jaguars don’t have great future value and the only two games that intrigue me are Week 6 against the Indianapolis Colts, and Week 17 against the Carolina Panthers. The Ravens still have future value, and 4 games really intrigue me in survivor with the Ravens and they include Week 4 against the Cleveland Browns, Week 8 against the Arizona Cardinals, Week 10 against the Cleveland Browns, and Week 18 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will save Baltimore for later; I will take the Jacksonville Jaguars in Survivor for Week 3.

Record (2-0) - Week 1: Washington Commanders, Week 2: Buffalo Bills

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