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Survivor Picks Week 6 (2023 NFL Season)

Week 6 of the NFL season is here, and hopefully, you made the right choice last week in survivor pools. As for my record regarding the Top 5 Survivor picks in the 2023 NFL Season, I went 4-1 in Week 1, 3-2 in Week 2, Week 3 I went 2-3,in Week 4 went 5-0, and in Week 5 I went 4-1. For the entire 2023 season my record in Top 5 Survivor options is 18-7. Now that Week 5 is behind us, I'm back to give you my Top 5 Suggestions for survivor pools, identify a trap survivor game, and give an option I would have gone with.

1. Miami Dolphins vs Carolina Panthers

Carolina is an absolute mess right now. There defense has not been the same since they lost Shaq Thompson for the season. Bryce Young still has promise, but my goodness he has not looked good this season. Even without Devon Achane on offense and the Dolphins defense struggling, they should take care of business against a bad Panthers team in Miami.

But hey at least Carolina sucking and losing will get them a top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and they can build for the future. Oh wait, their 1st round pick is Chicago Bears property due to the trade up to get Bryce Young.

2. Buffalo Bills vs New York Giants

The Giants are in absolute shambles. Their offense is hurt with their three best players Andrew Thomas, Saquon Barkley, and Daniel Jones are likely out of this game. Yes, Jones says he may play, but neck injuries are no joke, and he has a history, so Tyrod is likely going to get the start here. The Giants defense is still a mess as well and Buffalo overall is the better team. They should beat the Giants in this game and it will not shock me if they win by 21 points.

3. Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

This is a pretty easy choice. I get it's a primetime division game and it is scary sometimes, but this has mismatches written all over it. The Broncos legit have the worst defense in the league and they have to play against Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. I mean I can see the Chiefs winning by 20 points in this game. After watching that Jets game, I have to say the Broncos version of Sean Payton may be a worse coach then Nathanial Hackett was.

4. Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets

Fun Fact: Throughout the New York Jets history, they have never been able to defeat one team and that team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Isn’t that crazy that the Jets have never once beaten them in a regular season game. The Jets barely got away with a win against the Denver Broncos, and honestly the Jets were lucky to win. The Jets have to face a much tougher team in the Philadelphia Eagles, who will be their toughest opponent this season on paper. The Eagles should take care of business against the Jets.

5. San Francisco 49ers at Cleveland Browns

I don’t love a lot of the options in Survivor this week. When in doubt go with San Francisco, who I believe is the best team in the NFL this year. Plus while the Browns offense is legit, there is a tremendous question mark at QB. Watson might miss this game diue to a rotator cuff injury and even if he plays, there is no way that he is 100%. Dorian Thompson-Robinson was terrible in his first start and the Browns are likely going to start P.J. Walker over him if Watson won’t be ready. San Francisco should take care of business and beat the Browns.

Trap Game: Las Vegas Raiders vs New England Patriots

As of right now around 3-5% of survivor pools are going with the Raiders in survivor. I get why because the Patriots are in shambles as Mac Jones is terrible and the offense has disappointed. Heck the defense even has been a mess since Christian Gonzalez and Matthew Judon suffered there injuries.

Here is the problem with backing Raiders, Josh McDaniels is one of the worst head coaches in the NFL today. They were trying to give this game to the Packers with some of the awful decisions made play call wise by Las Vegas. Luckily Jordan Love made some brutal throws last week and the Raiders caught a break.

I just can’t trust the Raiders with that man as the head coach, also the Raiders defense is still garbage. On Offense, I have no idea what they are even doing with Josh Jacobs as they keep poorly utilizing him. Again I have to ask, where the hell is Hunter Renfrow? I mean he has barley being used anymore which is just insane to me. I think the Patriots will look better this week and should take care of business against a very mediocre Raiders team.

Record (5-0) - Week 1: Seattle Seahawks, Week 2: Denver Broncos, Week 3: Tennessee Titans, Week 4: Chicago Bears, Week 5: Baltimore Ravens

Who I would have taken in survivor this week: Miami Dolphins

So, the Eagles and Bills in this scenario can’t be used as I took them previously. I would have saved the Kansas City Chiefs for later on this season. it's tempting to take them, but I just can’t do it as they are in primetime.. This game came down to the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins. The 49ers are an intriguing pick, but the Dolphins opponent is a lot weaker. Looking to survive, I would play it safe here by taking the Miami Dolphins in survivor.

Record (4-1) - Week 1: Washington Commanders, Week 2: Buffalo Bills, Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars, Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles, Week 5 New York Jets

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