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Tua’s Time in Miami Might be Over

On Sunday night the Miami Dolphins’ regular season ended in heartbreaking fashion. They sprinted out of the gates to a 5-1 record but stumbled to the finish line going just 6-5 for the rest of the season, fumbling the division in the process.

In a season that was full of ups and downs for Tua Tagovailoa, it ended at possibly the lowest point in his career.

Since he was drafted in 2020, Tagovailoa has fought off criticisms of not being able to beat the Buffalo Bills or perform like a superstar when the pressure is the greatest. Unfortunately, Sunday night’s meltdown only strengthened his critics’ arguments.

In a winner takes all slugfest with Buffalo for the division title, Tua went 17/27 with just 173 yards passing and a touchdown.

Trailing 21-14 with less than two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Tagovailoa had a chance to silence all his doubters with a game-tying or game-winning drive to win the division. However, he would throw his second interception of the night, clinching the division title for Buffalo.

After feeling like they had a stranglehold on the AFC East all season, Miami dropped to a wild card spot and will be going on the road to face Kansas City in the playoffs this weekend.

Although there has been no indication that the Dolphins are ready to move on from their QB, an unceremonious exit from the playoffs may push them in that direction.

Tagovailoa’s job was already on the hot seat two years ago before Mike McDaniel got hired as the head coach.

Miami had fired ex-head coach Brian Flores who reportedly would not move forward with Tagovailoa as the team’s starter. With a coach hired for him and an offense that is tailored to his abilities, there are no more excuses for Tua’s poor play.

After Tua threw the game-sealing interception on Sunday, you could tell by the team’s body language that these playoffs will likely be a pivotal moment in his career.

Tagovailoa simply dropped his head in disappointment after the interception. The camera then panned to coach McDaniel who just bit his lip in disgust. The organization and fanbase’s patience with Tua is running thin.

It began in the 2021-22 season when Miami began 1-7. They miraculously turned their season around ripping off seven straight wins with a chance to make the playoffs. Tagovailoa would ruin any chances they had of a playoff appearance with a miserable performance against the Tennessee Titans.

He went 18/39 with just 205 yards and an interception. Miami would lose that game 34-3, so a large part of the blame has to go to the defense. Still, no NFL team can win with their quarterback completing less than half of his passes and throwing no touchdowns.

An injury sidelined Tagovailoa from competing in the playoffs last year so he escaped any blame. However, this year Tua once again crumbled under the pressure of the bright lights.

Now, with a trip to Kansas City to take on the defending super bowl champions, Tua could be playing for his future in Miami.

The Dolphins hold a unique position where they have a quarterback on his rookie contract and their roster is loaded with talent. They don’t have the time to hold a quarterback’s hand and nurture him while they have a roster capable of winning a super bowl now.

If Tua struggles in the playoffs, Miami might consider moving on from him in the offseason and either signing or trading for an established veteran.



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