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Toronto FC's Future Rebuild Plan

Yesterday, Head Coach Bob Bradley was released from Toronto FC — with Assistant Coach & Technical Director Mike Sorber right behind him. Coach Bradley was released with 54 game appearances and a 14-26-19 record with the Club.

Toronto FC is no stranger to command changes. Bob Bradley is — for example — the third-longest running coach with Toronto. Bob Bradley, while coaching in the U.S., was praised for his genius coaching; reminiscent of a "Wonder Kid" from the (7!) Emmy-award winning show about an American coach and his ignorance towards soccer . . . but his almost abnormal love for people.

So I miss it. Sue me.

But what does this mean for the Reds?

This morning, Jason Hernandez was promoted to General Manager by Toronto FC president Bill Manning. The press conference can be found below.

To recap, Manning will be leading the end of this season by bolstering four functionalities: Sports Medicine/Science, Head Coach, General Manager, and the Toronto FC Academy. Overall, Manning chalked it up to dysfunction.

Terry Dunfield, the interim head coach, will be still identified as a future contender for the role. Dunfield, with over 20 years playing in the Premier League, English Football League, Scotland, and in North America; for his hometown team of Vancouver, as well as Toronto.

Who else could be on the list to lead TFC into a restructure?

My vote? An American who has always just loved watching Toronto play?

Enter . . .

Phil Neville.

The England native, and assistant coach for Canada's national team, has an exciting history with Canadian soccer. Neville is impressive, there's no doubt about that. I could air out the laundry list of awards he's collected, or how he was noticed for captaincy in less than a year while playing for Everton.

The man knows how to work hard and how to run the game.

We're talking about one of the most underrated players in modern history.


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